Jupiter and Saturn – autumn planets

On Tueday Jupiter was at opposition, this means that the Sun, Earth and Jupiter are all in a line and it's the closest that Jupiter gets to us this year. It also happened to be the closest Jupiter will be for a long time, so I was keen to get out and see what images … Continue reading Jupiter and Saturn – autumn planets

Astro Pics – 2 Planets and a Cluster

The nights over the last few weeks have been quite clear over England with the weather being unseasonably dry. This always offers some wonderful night time views of the sky and I knew it was coming up to the time where Saturn and Jupiter were in the sky.Then last week I say that yellowy star … Continue reading Astro Pics – 2 Planets and a Cluster

The Squirrel Cage Cutter

Back in early spring when food was hard to come by for all our feathered and furry friends the local squirrel (or one of them) was as is usual helping himself to the birsds nuts and it seems they were having some difficulty getting to the nuts inside. Squirrel on bird feeder - Copyright Simon … Continue reading The Squirrel Cage Cutter

The Cosmic Chronicles – Gravity, The Celestial Sculptor

From the Earth, to the Sun and out towards the great interstellar unknown every object has it's story. All these things making up the universe, our solar system and life on Earth is as much a part of this great infinite clockwork. In fact the word Cosmos means the universe as a complex, ordered entity, … Continue reading The Cosmic Chronicles – Gravity, The Celestial Sculptor