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The NHS – What is the real cost of saving it?

For those living in the UK, you will have noticed that there’s rarely a day goes by when the NHS is in the news and most of the time it’s not for good reasons. The words crisis, lack of resources, funding are used in the the story. The same politicians responsible for funding the service and keeping it going are on TV apologising for the outcomes over the winter or becasue the ambulances can’t get out to emergency calls becasue they can’t offload the patients they already have – becasue the hospitals are full to overflowing already with people being treated in the waiting rooms or left to be ill in the corridors.

The picture I hate to say this is bleak. It’s a tragedy to actually witness this great institution being strangled to death in front of our eyes and yet the British government (with it’s hand around the neck of the NHS) still insists it’s doing all it can to alleviate the daily crises affecting the NHS. The reality is different I think.

It’s the doctors, the nurses, paramedic and all the people working to try and make the NHS work that are actually keeping it going. I twas announced today that more nurses are leaving the NHS than joining. Small wonder considering the working conditions and pay that they’re getting. They seem to think that some kind of ambassadors will help the situation – so these people will help them accept long hours, low pay and demanding working conditions?

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Boeing and Space X’s epic space race to Mars

The new space race is here. Just as in the 1960’s where Russia and America raced to get a man standing on the Moon Mars is now in the sights of two competing tribes. This time though it’s not countries but companies that are fighting it out.

Boeing’s Space Launch System (SLS)

Boeing has boldly claimed that the mega rocket it’s building for NASA will get a human to Mars before Elon Musk’s Space X can. In a Tweet aimed directly at Elon Musk they threw down the gauntlet, Musk accepted this and now as they say the game is on!

Credit: Will Boeing Beat Space X to Mars?

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Coincidences – Is the Universe rarely so lazy?

I’ve been on this Earth a little while now and if there’s one thing I’m increasingly convinced that doesn’t exist or is rare it’s coincidences. The premise is that on your path in life many, many other paths cross yours in different ways and these are totally random events. But I’m not so sure.


Do coincidences exist? Possibly, probably, maybe. But as Mycroft Holmes said to Sherlock when he was summing up some facts and trying to explain them as coincidence “The universe is rarely so lazy” and I think this is a better way to look at it.

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Second Manic Monday of 2018

Hi there bloggies, we’re streaming through January – now past the 10 day mark. At this rate it’ll soon be Christmas again eh? 😉

Not much went on last week and I didn’t get around the the next installment of ‘The Great Galactic Service Station’ this is mainly becasue my mind became so twisted I actually thought on Thursday that it was Wednesday. Don’t ask me why… so basically I lost a day! Catch up with the previous parts here:

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In terms of the random blog posts not much is really changing there, I’m hoping to be bale to start on some new topics soon, I’m not sure what they all are but I’m definitely going to be posting on creating digital art with Inkscape and GIMP. There’s some more artwork coming from that direction too and it ‘s pretty cool! I hope.

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