Moon Warp

This short piece has been written for the August 2018 Blog Battle. If you need to find out more please click: Blog Battle - August 2018 The word for this month is MOON.        Moon Warp   "This is a standard mission they said. Three weeks out and then back, no excitement and no danger.... Continue Reading →


Leaping the Void

I've not done a blog battle for a while, so for a bit of fun I thought I would take part this time and see how it goes. The weeks theme is Darkness. Leaping the Void: The darkness was enveloping her mind and vision. Overloaded with the sensations of sounds and the crippling force that... Continue Reading →

The Titan Mystery – Part 7

Seanna and McKinley stood there, the wild haired man grinning back at them with a devious look. The backdrop of the huge Titan behind the man it's scale in stark contrast to any human form. He stepped forward towards McKinley as he did so Seanna raised her plasma rifle and armed it. She pointed it... Continue Reading →

The Titan Mystery – Part 5

The small capsule was racing it's way back to the terminal room they had all come from, they had just passed back though the cavernous internals of the Titan and were now back in tunnel, it wasn't long now and they would arrive. Seanna was sat there, arms crossed and had said nothing on the... Continue Reading →

The Titan Mystery – Part 3

The Titan Mystery - Part 3 "I'm detecting movement!" One of the team members shouted out. She was only small but her voice in the com system was loud enough to make eveyone wince. "Which way?" Seanna bellowed back. " About two hundred metres ahead" she shouted back, quieter this time "Moving towards us at... Continue Reading →

The Titan Mystery – Part 2

The Titan Mystery - Part 2 "We can't locate and destroy the field generating this temporal field" Neila was telling him. McKinley had gathered his senior officers in the board room to understand his options and make a decision on the next step to escaping this field they had fallen into. "Even if we did, the... Continue Reading →

The Titan Mystery

The Titan Mystery The explorer ship Tycho was approaching it's destination. A seemingly abandoned spacecraft picked up three weeks ago from a passing mining ship. There had been no response to the messages they had sent to the abandoned ship, it was now very close and Commander McKinley was considering what to do next. Tycho... Continue Reading →

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