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Changing Earth


Planet Earth is changing all the time. Many changes are caused by us, humans and our ever growing activity.

The link below is a post from NASA showing how some parts of the Earth have changed over the years. These changes aren’t small either. It makes interesting and a bit scary reading.

via NASA — Images of Change

Simon 🙂

No ownership claimed on images or material – Credit NASA

Where my feet have been – A Quiet Place

I love finding new places, near work there is a quiet little place where there are lots of young trees and a few benches. This is going to be a great place to get some peace in a lunch break.


Yes… my shoes are a bit smarter than my usual trainers.


It will be nice to see this place in Spring, I could spend a long time here enjoying the peace and quiet.

Simon 🙂

Finding Froggie Frollicking in the Fauna

Hi bloggies!

Last night I found a frog while cutting the grass. He’s a lucky little blighter as I was about to chop him up when he hopped away. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to snap some pics of him. I like frog, I’m fascinated by them, they’re a fun and harmless creatures.

This one got to see another dawn and will live it’s life never realising it’s immortalisation on my blog. May he have a long life before he croaks (groan I know)!

Simon 🙂