Changing Earth

Planet Earth is changing all the time. Many changes are caused by us, humans and our ever growing activity. The link below is a post from NASA showing how some parts of the Earth have changed over the years. These changes aren't small either. It makes interesting and a bit scary reading. via NASA — … Continue reading Changing Earth


Where my feet have been – A Quiet Place

I love finding new places, near work there is a quiet little place where there are lots of young trees and a few benches. This is going to be a great place to get some peace in a lunch break. Yes... my shoes are a bit smarter than my usual trainers. It will be nice … Continue reading Where my feet have been – A Quiet Place

Power of our Earth

What power you command Earth, your smallest ripple could crush us in an instant. What seems to us as immeasurable force is merely a touch for you. How foolish are we to think we can harness your rage. We live here because you allow us, not because our feeble skills and creations make us safe. … Continue reading Power of our Earth