Blog Orbit – Blog Date March 2020

Looking out of the window on the day I wrote this post I had but one thought - it was the first day of spring. The daffs are out as well as the crocuses poking their colourful little heads up out of the ground. Then I realised I've hardly posted at all in the last... Continue Reading →

Blog Orbit – Blog Date December 2019

Hello bloggies, happy December! I cannot believe that we're now racing towards Christmas. It seems like only a few days ago that I last wrote and was looking forward to the challenge of NaNoWriMo.I only got two posts out this month, there was no blog battle and they were literally NaNo updates: finally as December... Continue Reading →

Weekly Orbit – Blog Date 30-2019

Hi there bloggies! The orbit of the infinite is here again for your... something not really sure what. But here we go anyway! The week just gone was busy in all kinds of ways but mainly in trying to advance my blogging world. This week brought a few little gems from the dark depths of... Continue Reading →

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