Blog Orbit – Blog Date October 2019

Hello bloggies, happy October to you all! Ok I know we're already 7 days in but it has to be said as it's October - nearly Halloween and the charge has started towards the big C I won't mention (please don't hate me).So - what's going on? I'm continuing to play... I've not been able... Continue Reading →


Blog Orbit – Blog Date September 2019

Hello bloggies, happy new month, happy Autumn and happy new blog orbit! As you can see blog orbits are going to come monthly from now on as I didn't want my blog completely filled with blog orbits - it was kinda embarrassing. So - what's going on? I'm playing that's what - I'm still getting... Continue Reading →

Weekly Orbit – Blog Date 30-2019

Hi there bloggies! The orbit of the infinite is here again for your... something not really sure what. But here we go anyway! The week just gone was busy in all kinds of ways but mainly in trying to advance my blogging world. This week brought a few little gems from the dark depths of... Continue Reading →

Weekly Orbit – Blog Date 26-2019

The Beginning of Infinite Hi there bloggies! I'm back!For those of you that weren't about last week I'll just update you with a few things. Firstly this is not Planet Simon anymore - the name of the blog has changed to Beyond the Infinite and as I explained it's been a long time coming. My... Continue Reading →

Weekly Orbit – Blog Date 25-2019

Planet Simon - The end and a New Beginning Hi there bloggies! I'm back!Those of you that are regular bloggies will have known that I've not been about for a couple of weeks. There's a few reasons for this most of which is that I've been doing stuff and secondly I've been working out what... Continue Reading →

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