Blog Orbit – Blog Date May 2022

Hello there bloggies! I hope you’re all keeping well and looking after yourselves. It’s been a busy month once again and the world is still a somewhat strange place it seems. The daylight hours are getting longer and it’s slowly warming over here. The same idiots are still running the show and yeah… it’s that.Continue reading “Blog Orbit – Blog Date May 2022”

Blog Orbit – Blog Date April 2022

Hello there bloggies! I hope you’re all well… as many of you might know not much happened on here in March and even I’m thinking to myself that I should be doing more. It’s like the lights are on but no one is home. Kinda weird… All I can do is hope that maybe somethingContinue reading “Blog Orbit – Blog Date April 2022”

Blog Orbit – Blog Date March 2022

Hello there bloggies! The world has changed a lot in the last month hasn’t it? With al that’s going on it’s often hard to know what life perspective is the right one to look to. After the last 2 years it’s safe to say the world was hoping to find some kind of new normalContinue reading “Blog Orbit – Blog Date March 2022”

Blog Orbit – Blog Date February 2022

Hello there bloggies! Well that’s January over with, even though it feels like we’ve had to go through 365 days of January there have only been 31 days to get through. On the good side here in the UK the days are getting bright and there’s signs that Spring is on the way which meansContinue reading “Blog Orbit – Blog Date February 2022”

Blog Orbit – Blog January 2022

Hello there bloggies! Happy new year ans welcome to 2021 and all that. I hope you all had a great Christmas and you’re looking forward to the new year and all it will bring. For those of you that follow me regularly you might have noticed that there was no Blog Orbit in December… YeahContinue reading “Blog Orbit – Blog January 2022”

Blog Orbit – Blog Date November 2021

Hello there bloggies! It’s blogtober month – if that even means anything – I’m sure most months could be changes to have blog in it somewhere! October was a busy old month and being the spooky season it was easy to see the themes coming though on many posts here on WP and social media.Continue reading “Blog Orbit – Blog Date November 2021”

Blog Orbit – Blog Date October 2021

Hello there bloggies! How are you doing?? I got in a bit earlier this month – just before the 10th… so getting in before a 3rd of the month is up. It’s been a quiet month with a lot going on and still struggling to get some enthusiasm summoned. Who else is still suffering fromContinue reading “Blog Orbit – Blog Date October 2021”

Blog Orbit – Blog Date September 2021

Hello there bloggies! I’m really late this month – we’re nearly through September before getting my start of the month post in… Ugh why is it hard at times to muster the creative spirit. Can someone please answer me that as I need it back a bit. Things haven’t been too great this month eitherContinue reading “Blog Orbit – Blog Date September 2021”

Blog Orbit – Blog Date August 2021

Hello there bloggies! I’ve got in early this month and got the orbit in on the second – the second – I can’t remember the last time I got it in this early – but then I can’t remember much past last week so that’s not saying much. Seriously I do sometimes wonder where myContinue reading “Blog Orbit – Blog Date August 2021”

Blog Orbit – Blog Date July 2021

Hello there bloggies! Hi there… it looks like I’ve left my start of the month post a bit late as now it’s… well there’s no other way of saying it – the middle of the month, well past the middle of the month and nearly the end now. Where has July gone? I hope you’reContinue reading “Blog Orbit – Blog Date July 2021”

Blog Orbit – Blog Date May 2021

Hello there bloggies! We’re 10 days into March already and what can I say? time flies… I can only apologise, it seems I’ve come really bad at posting blog orbits and missed last month altogether. It sometimes feels like it’s either March the 400th 2020 or I’ve missed a few years and it’s 2025 andContinue reading “Blog Orbit – Blog Date May 2021”