What it takes to travel the stars!

This chart I found on Pinterest shows the gargantuan effort needed to travel between the stars. What do you think? https://pin.it/ncv3jnzwuncwjh


30 Years Ago: Voyager 2’s Historic Neptune Flyby | NASA

Neptune as taken from NASA's Voyager 2 Thirty years ago, on Aug. 25, 1989, NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft made a close flyby of Neptune, giving humanity its first close-up of our solar system's eighth planet. Marking the end of the Voyager mission's Grand Tour of the solar system's four giant planets — Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune... Continue Reading →

Pale Blue Dot

The Pale Blue Dot represents a goal not just point of light. When man can look back and see that same pale blue dot with his own eyes, it's will be the first step in truly understanding the place of humanity in the universe.

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