Simon’s Fiction Space

Simon’s Fiction Space

This is where a small collection of my works can be found, on here – ready to read.

The Titan Mystery

When the Tycho encounters a ship adrift which seems to have come from the future, Commander McKinley is forced to lead his crew to find out what it’s all about. Or face being trapped forever.

The great GALACTIC service station

Ralph has no idea why three strangers are asking him where the service station in his back yard is.
When they take him and his ketchup stained shirt he’s forced on an adventure he could never have imagined.
It’s just that no one remembered the sausage rolls.

blog battles

I have taken part in a number of Blog Battles – read them all!

The Titan Mystery – Part 15

Tranquility lifted slowly from the landing deck, the extra weight of the mechanoids making the thruster motors strain under the weight. In a few seconds the vessel had lifted  and pushed itself gently through the  opening out into space. “We nearly didn’t make that!” Collins complained. “We’re too heavy! What’s that robot doing on top?”Continue reading “The Titan Mystery – Part 15”

The Titan Mystery – Part 11

McKinley couldn’t move – he wasn’t sure what stunned him most, whatever it was that had knocked him to the floor or that Seanna was just… gone. Standing there, looking at where she had last stood, motionless. He was vaguely aware of others around him, of people. But it somehow didn’t matter now. “Sir!” BlakeContinue reading “The Titan Mystery – Part 11”

The Titan Mystery – Part 9

McKinley stood in front of the strange being, wondering what was going to come next. instead it seemed pre-occupied. “How can we help you?” McKinley prompted him, hoping to get some idea or clue to what was going on. “Help… yes, McKinley. I’m sorry, the problem I have in concentrating is part of what isContinue reading “The Titan Mystery – Part 9”

The Great Galactic Service Station – Part 11

Miranda, Gaz and Ralph froze. They all recognised the voice behind them and yet they couldn’t quite believe it. “Boris?” Ralph asked. The three of them turned to face the scruffy bafoon. “Nice one!” Miranda scoffed in a particularly unimpressed tone. “Harry take that thing off!” “What do you mean?” Boris retorted “I’m no skinnyContinue reading “The Great Galactic Service Station – Part 11”

The Great Galactic Service Station – Part 9

“Why have you brought us out here?” Ralph cried, pushing his finger through his hair and gripping it in frustration? “We have to go about two hundred miles and you’ve brought us probably two hundred light years!” “How did you know that?” Harry asked surprised. “Maybe you’re better at space travel than we thought!” “OhContinue reading “The Great Galactic Service Station – Part 9”

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