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Winter Snowflakes and Sunrays

Winter is the UK is usually a fairly damp, wet and grey thing – snow if it happens usually lasts hours or a couple of days. Last week however a cold spell from the east came and with it came ice, snow and frost for about a week. This usually means that the country slows…

Autumn’s Hues and Colours

I’ve been taking a few pictures recently as it’s Autumn here in the UK and there’s comething about the air, the cool that brings out all the colours and makes the contrasts so stunning.Enjoy!

Jupiter and Saturn – Autumn planets

On Tueday Jupiter was at opposition, this means that the Sun, Earth and Jupiter are all in a line and it’s the closest that Jupiter gets to us this year. It also happened to be the closest Jupiter will be for a long time, so I was keen to get out and see what images…

A Galaxy of Stars

A few weeks ago the sky was clearer than I’ve seen it for a long time and after seeing the success of someone else taking a picture with my same camrea I thought I would try the same settings and give it a go. The big variable with taking astrophotography pictures is the quality of…

Astro Pics – 2 Planets and a Cluster

The nights over the last few weeks have been quite clear over England with the weather being unseasonably dry. This always offers some wonderful night time views of the sky and I knew it was coming up to the time where Saturn and Jupiter were in the sky.Then last week I say that yellowy star…

Moon Craters 2

It has to be said… when you start looking at Moon craters close up it can get a bit addictive. As the Moon waxes and wanes through it’s cycles the different parts of the moon are either lit up or cast into shadow, bringing out loads of detail. Somehow (don’t as me how) I managed…

Moon Craters

Over the last weeks I’ve noticed that between cloud and it’s position the Moon seems a difficult one to catch, but last week I managed to catch it a few days before it was full. The shadow at the limb of the Moon where the light disappears really shows up the craters there and so…

Mountains and Lakes

The Lake District area of England is in the north east of the country, the mountain valley’s from some very beautiful lakeside scenery and as you can see below makes for some spectacular views.Let me know what you think, I would love to know.

May Dusk Photo’s

I’m always keeping an eye out for a good photo shot as many of you know, the last week or so has had some mixed weather which can make for some pretty awesome shot opportunities.Here’s a few of them: What do you think? Which is the best?

Letter to Myself – Open Next Year (2024)

For those of you I haven’t yet caught up with yet – Happy new year to you! Those of you that have been followers for some time will know that this is something that I take part in early in the new year, I take a look at my latter for last year and write…

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Blog Orbit – January 2023

Hello there bloggies! Happy new year to all of you I hope you all had a good Christmas and new year and are looking forward to what 2023 has in store for us.I’ve been very aware that I’ve not been on here much over the last months and I find myself wondering why that is…

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Advent Train Stories: Freeman’s Gift

Welcome to the Advent Calendar Story Train, where you can read through 24 stories under the theme The Gift. Thank you for reading today’s story. The next one will be available to read on December 21st, titled “The Gift”.  The link will be active tomorrow when the post goes live. If you missed yesterday’s you…

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