Photography and a Lesson in Preparation

Earlier in the year I did a little self investing and I bought myself a star tracker. For anyone that doesn’t know what this does, it can cancel out the rotation of the Earth so that long exposure camera shots can be taken without getting streaky stars. What it essentially does is rotate the cameraContinue reading “Photography and a Lesson in Preparation”

Shooting the Moon

The Moon is out closest celestial neighbour and to the naked eye if your eyesight is sharp larger details and craters can be made out. Pointing my camera at it a while back brings out some fantastic detail as these shots taken at different phases show. Image stacking could make these sharper and that’s somethingContinue reading “Shooting the Moon”

Astrophotography – Capturing the Milky Way with Smartphone

There’s a thing with Photography, no sooner as a piece of equipment allows you to do something that you want it to do more. This is especially true in astrophotography. For years I’ve been waiting or smartphone camera’s to get good enough to take pictures of the stars, finally when I got one that couldContinue reading “Astrophotography – Capturing the Milky Way with Smartphone”