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Simon’s Space is kind of me – a lot of stuff disjointed and trying to find some space here ins this space on the blogoshpere.

What you will find here are stories, art, creativity and a bit about space in general – because I kind of like space. It’s deep and dark and mysterious. I hope you like what you find and I hope you say hello and let me know what you think!

Thanks for stopping by.

About the author:

Hi there, my name is Simon and this is my blog, I’m an engineer, creator, free thinker writer and artist. Simon’s Space is a blog created for thoughts, idea’s, arts, writings and anything I find somewhat interesting.

This blog is perhaps less focused than more and more than a little more random. There’s a lot I want to do and a lot I want to say and I’m still trying to work out what that all is. It drives me nuts sometimes.

I hope you enjoy the posts, come by and say hi, have a chat about what I’ve done- I like to hear from you!

The Squirrel Cage Cutter

Back in early spring when food was hard to come by for all our feathered and furry friends the local squirrel (or one of them) was as is usual helping himself to the birsds nuts and it seems they were having some difficulty getting to the nuts inside. This was evident from the way the … Continue reading The Squirrel Cage Cutter

FIGEL and the intern

This is my Blog Battle Entry for July 2022 and the prompt is Hatch. Figel and the Intern Figel Narage was one of the most annoying, self righteous and obnoxious individuals to work at the Jacob and Bradley management consultancy. He was also totally incompetent however he had managed through all kind of obnoxious schemes … Continue reading FIGEL and the intern

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    1. Hey, thanks for coming by my blog and following. It’s good to know that my comments in others blogs leads people here.
      I hope you have fun exploring these posts and pages and that you find something you like. Let me know.
      By the way… What do I call you? ๐Ÿ˜€

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