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About the blog

Have you ever had vision of idea, stories that take the imagination to the limits of understanding? These idea’s that will not go away and need to given to the world so that they can be at least be brought to life and read by others?

That’s what this blog is about – putting those ideas that have come to me and have had the privilege of being formed and created. Some of these pieces of work are not refined, probably rough and maybe not even ready – but at least they have been created.

Beyond the Infinite is a place where thoughts and ideas run free. It’s a place of discovery, invention and creation. In the pages of this blog people, places and universes are created, the solar system and the universe is explored as well as the thoughts and possibilities of what may exist.

Come and set foot on this planet as it explores our universe:

curiosity rover

As stories are tolds and characters born…

The Titan Destiny Cover 1.png

and worlds are created…

Along the way I’ll tell you a little of how it’s done and what’s going on behind the scenes.


So if you like this, have a look and see what’s going on. If you really like how about a follow and if you would like to chat go and click on my contacts page. also if you fancy collaborating – get in touch and let’s chat about it 🙂

About the author:


Hi there, my name is Simon and this is my blog, I’m an engineer, creator, free thinker and occasionally writer. For far too long I had ideas and nowhere to put them for the world to see, that’s why Beyond the Infinite was created.

I’m an experimenter, explorer and fascinated by the world around me and the people in it. My exploration goes further than the known universe and expands out to universe’s I’ve created in my mind and put onto the creative canvas.

I’m not the person I used to be and over time I have evolved and the blog is evolving with me. Whatever this blog is in the future it’s a place where all are welcome and ideas can roam free to find their magical place in the universe.

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    1. Hey, thanks for coming by my blog and following. It’s good to know that my comments in others blogs leads people here.
      I hope you have fun exploring these posts and pages and that you find something you like. Let me know.
      By the way… What do I call you? 😀

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