Wordless Wednesday – Snowy Pictures

Simon 🙂


ESA – Week In Images

A probe's crash site on Mars, anAriane 5 rocket and a Siberian plateau make up this week's selection of images. For the full set click on the link. via Week In Images / Highlights / ESA Simon 🙂 No ownership claimed on images or materials - Credit - ESA

Week In Images / Highlights / ESA

This week's images from ESA include a starburst galaxy, the two lobes of a comet and the Sundarbans in Bangladesh. The full article can be found in the link at the bottom. via Week In Images / Highlights / ESA Simon 🙂 No ownership claimed on images or materials. Credit: ESA

Damn this cat is fast!

Is this cat hungry? Or perhaps shot out of a cannon? Either way, it's coming for ya and it's not messing about!  Simon 🙂 No ownership claimed in image, taken from Twitter via perfectly timed images.

Old and Abandoned – Church Ruins

All there is now is the sun shining through the stretched archways where once handsome windows would have once stood. What windows were there? What people were inspired in their glass shapes? This building has stood so long without use or care, a testament to those that built it - the immortalisation of their being... Continue Reading →

Planet Simon Weekly Roundup

It's Friday and it's nearly the end! What a week it's been! Last weekend was the bloggers bash, which was totally amazing, Sacha Black and her minions put the bash together and organised the blogger awards, creating a fantastic day. I'm looking forward to next year, but a year is too long! Apart from that these... Continue Reading →

Week In Images – ESA

Here's a selection of last weeks images from ESA. I've put a few on here, but click on the link to see all of them.   via Week In Images / Highlights / ESA Simon 🙂

Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup

It's been a hard week this week, but we got there in the end, it's a long weekend with Monday off so things must be good! My minion friends have been entertaining you all as usual with the unique wit and their thoughts on shoes sizes as one gets bigger and whatever you do -... Continue Reading →

Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup

As always it's been a busy week and I've been struggling to keep my blogging schedule. I'm hoping soon I can be delivering more of my own written content and new stuff to keep your interest peaked. I hope you've all had a good week - looking forward to another week of adventures next week!... Continue Reading →

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