Hunting for Organic Molecules on Mars

The question of if there is life on Mars still really isn't over. But it has been accepted that it's unlikely that little green men aren't hiding in the rocks on our planetrary neighbour. What seems more likely and exciting is the life that was / might have been on Mars when it had water... Continue Reading →


3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge – Day 3

I like this challenge and it's been a while since it's passed my way, but a while ago a momma's view put me to the challenge and I've finally got around to taking up this challenge with a special request as it seems she's expecting some galactic quotes. How could I refuse? Thank you for... Continue Reading →

Scifi Moments – When Machines Die

Science fiction films being what they are can give unique personalities to machines of different kinds, be they computers, robots or spacecraft. The moments when these machines are killed off are moments of sadness. These are some of the most memorable sad moments from science fiction movies. If you can think of others that are... Continue Reading →

Planet Simon back online

Hold onto your hats... Planet Simon is back! I've spent three weeks off blogging and here I am back into the blogoshpere ready and raring to go with a new look, new angle and a new perspective. I have to say I did enjoy the time away and although I was tempted at odd times... Continue Reading →

Taking a break

Hi guys... Just to let you know I'm taking a break. I hope to be back soon but I'll see how it goes. I hope to be able to catch up with reading your posts a bit so I'll be about but activity here is stopping for a few weeks at least. Take care you... Continue Reading →

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