Blog Orbit – Blog Date June 2020

Hello there bloggies. I can’t believe it’s June – what the hell happened to May? It feels like March the 123rd or something to me. Some bright spark the other day put up the weeks remaining until Christmas – I won’t put it here for inducing the same anger in anyone that reads it. But crap this year is flying by and just when it can’t get more insane – it does.

With everything that’s been going on news that UFO’s actually exist have gone fairly unnoticed, the fact that evidence of a parallel universe that runs backwards barely lifted an eyelid, increasing seismic activity in Yellow Stone park and something about Killer Wasps has got some to ask what is going on.

The launch of the first manned Dragon rocket drew some positive attention and it was good to see it a success.

By far (and rightly so) the biggest and saddest event are going on right now in the US – George Floyd killed in an act of needless Police brutality and the continuing racism and brutalising of Black people. It staggers me that humans are capable of such great things can also be capable of such hatred. Over the days, protests have turned to violence which have led to more black lives being lost and the cycle of hatred isn’t being broken. I very much hope that a way through this can be found so that this never – ever has to happen ever again and we can all get on with living equally with each other.

Black lives matter!

Literally nothing has gone on here in the last month and with all that’s going on there’s not much I can really add to it all.

I hope you all keep well, I hope to be about a bit more than I have been but if I’m honest motivation has left me a little – let’s see what this month brings. I hope the end is better than the start.

Keep well.

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Blog Orbit – Blog Date May 2020

Hello there bloggies. These interesting times keep going on and despite the fact that many are currently not able to work – I find that I’ve never been busier. Hence that’s why this blog orbit is late in arriving. Very late in fact, I like to get these out on day 1 or at least in the first few days – however time has crept up on me and here we are mid May!

Just as last month – I promise I won’t mention the virus.

What’s been going on though? Have I done anything since the last Blog Orbit. Actually yes.

I even managed to write something original – this month’s Blog Battle story was brooch. I will admit this this had me thinking for quite some time. But I came up with what I think was something quite different with some people being kind enough to say they wanted to read more:

Larissa’s Stone – A Blog Battle Story

Off the back of the ending of Star Trek Picard, I had a thought. Of course it’s at least at this time in humanity’s development pretty pointless but noneless I asked the question of where consciousness resides in our brain and can it be duplicated?

Sci-fi Concepts – Where does Consciousness reside and can it be cloned?

I also had some thought son the latest film in the Alien series. Something that seems to prevail in the SciFi films coming out right now is trying to capitalise on classic films with badly done sequels / prequels and this unfortunately very much the same.

After Prometheus and what I thought was a good film that could have led to something really interesting Covenant could have been so much more.
Alien Covenant – A Sci-Fi film that could have been more

There were one or two others, I’ve been creating a little but not a lot and it’s really bothering me now. But have a look at this. Image overlays from some of my sunet images with some NASA images to create something.

Image Overlays – Saturn at Sunset

I hope you’re all keeping well though, summer is pretty much here in the UK and it’s been nice to see. What’s it like where you are? Are you keeping good with it all?

I’m trying to keep up with as many of you good people as I can. If you think you’re being missed give us a wave and if you’re not coping don’t suffer alone. I hope that maybe I can be about in the following weeks but that’s not certain and I have so many things to do that are on hold right now.

When I get to them I promise I’ll share them.

Keep smiling and writing.

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#EarthDayAtHome with NASA | NASA

So I missed Earth day this year – BUt I’m still going to put up a post about it. This was NASA’s Earth day post so I’m sahring it.

Fifty years ago, on April 22, 1970, people around the world marked the first Earth Day. Thousands gathered to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our beautiful planet for future generations.

On this Earth Day, as we physically separate ourselves by necessity, we can still collectively appreciate the wondrous beauty of our planet and the extraordinary science that helps us understand how it all works – and we can do it from our homes.

Much as our Earth’s systems are interconnected so, too, are all of us. To help connect us virtually this Earth Day, we encourage you to share on social media photos and images of how you marked the 50th anniversary, using the hashtag #EarthDayAtHome. This could be a picture of a special science activity, an original work of art you created, the tree outside your window, or whatever inspires you.

To help get you started, NASA has collected activities, videos, special programs and other materials to help you observe “Earth Day at Home” with our Earth Day 50th Anniversary Toolkit. You also can find a variety of agency-wide resources at NASA at Home and at NASA STEM at Home, as well as in Spanish on Ciencia de la NASA.

Here, you’ll find even more, created especially for Earth Day – videos, online games and mobile apps, social media events, and even Lego activities for #EarthDayAtHome.

See full post here:

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Blog Orbit – Blog Date April 2020

Hello there bloggies. Well isn’t this interesting, only four weeks ago it seemed like I was a free person and indeed many of us still were. Now most of the world is on lockdown and we’re… oh you know I don’t need to bore you with it you know it.

I promise I won’t mention the virus.

With all of this going on I’m still kept away from the blog with work. More in fact as becasue of the virus (long story for another time) I’ve had to take on more. So I’m in it over my head… drowning. I’m being bad and taking some time out to write this.

I have managed to get some posts out this month just gone – one was poignant (click on the image):

I really hope I can get some down time in soon and get some writing in, it feels like it’s been forever that I weaved my magic with the keyboard. So much has changed in a few weeks…

Oh yes… Star Trek Picard – who’s been watching this? Who has seen it? I would like a friend to talk to about this becasue it was pretty awesome – what did you think if you saw it?

In a nice touch, Lacey from Big and Pinky Toes mentioned my post in her post hereWhat’s the Energy with Matter? in her post here. So I’m mentioning her post for mentioning my post in her post. Get it?

Hmm… I think I might have mentioned the virus but I think I got away with it.

Let me know how you guys are – what are you working on? How’s life?

Keep smiling and writing.

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Let's keep out shit together – It's not over yet!

I’m going to try and not make this post too much about this damn Corona Virus thing, I’m sick of it if I’m really thruthful. But it’s not the CV itself that’s giving the real beef it’s the shitshow that’s ensued that’s really bothering me.

If your eyes or mind is delicate move along, I’m going to be very direct and there’s going to be more than a few F bombs and S bombs and you name it bombs in this post.

The Present – A Summary

So we all know there’s this thing going around, it’s not great and we can’t consider a 2% a low death level, but compared with something like Ebola which has a death rate of about 50% it is low blah… blah… blah..

The real story here is the rich people are pissed, the media have a new story that’s not Brexit or terrorism and they’re all making the best of it. Hundreds of thousands of people die around the world every year from normal flu – is this important? Yes. But not important enough to make the news becasue the rich are not affected by it.

All the people making money from goods coming from China like Apple, Google, Amazon etc etc are getting hit and they’re pissed about it. Well fuck you, what a total hypocrisy. Maybe you should have thought further than your nose.

The Shit Show

The media having come off a two year diet of Brexit now has something else to hark on about. I would like to think they’re being useful but even the BBC is just creating sensationalist stories and trying to create panic. The net result is the shops are bare and the vulnerable people that should be at home being safe are instead wandering the shops looking for food and stuff. The health worker that work insanely long shifts are also not able to buy food or stuff.

This is at least in part becasue some dumb fuckwits are either stocking up to stupid levels or buying stuff to sell on for a profit. Because otherwise I just don’t get it – I don’t. How much more stuff to people need? Where’s the money for it all coming from. It’s like people are buying 3 – 4 times what they need. That’s mad!

This means that most of what’s going on is nothing to do with the virus at all or how to deal with it. Now sure there’s going to be a lot of people without money soon and that needs addressing, but I notice that the rich are more worried about their pennies first.

We call ourselves an advanced lifeform or an advanced civilisation and yet look at the devastation we’re causing to ourselves and people who are vulnerable or trying to keep things going are the ones that are doing without. That’s utter madness! With all this how can we say we’re in any way advanced? We’re animals and we don’t deserve the great lives that we have and the privileges we enjoy.

Looking at all this going on I’m ashamed to admit I’m human.

The Realisation

What does this mean?

Now I’ve finished battering the useless politicians, the fuckwit media for creating panic and the moronic panic buyers who seem to be shitting themselves a lot there’s a point to this.

The world is still going to be here, but it’s going to change. I’ve seen people stressing about how it’s all going to hold together and keep working and what world we will be left with afterwards. The world will still be here but I do feel the winds of change. The ironic thing about this though is that all the panicking going on is becasue people are afraid of change or the uncertain. Yet by the very act of doing it change of some kind is going to come about.

Working from home is going to become more normal for starters. Having had to do it myself I can see it’s uses – even if I’m struggling to get used to it.

There are likely to be new partnerships and collaborations born becasue people and companies are working together so much more. This is where I see the light of true humanity in this.

The biggest thing for me though is the acknowledgement from many countries that the wealth the powerful enjoy comes from the majority of the populous. They have to preserve this thin order to move on afterwards.

What does the future hold?

There’s a question… But if we look at the problems we have found in this. What are the possible solutions? One thing that has been starkly obvious is that we can’t be trusted to be sensible in a situation and respond rather than react (not everyone but enough). Could we find that there’s greater regulation on how we live when this is over.

But this is where the idea that this post came from, if I look into my crystal ball what do I see? Or rather what could the future hold? Between the extremes of everything goes back to normal and apocalypse what could happen?

Here’s some things I’ve been thinking about.

A few weeks to a few months from now along with the cases increasing and likely dropping the levels of waste from al the excessive buying will go way up. I can see it in the news now. Bins overflowing with wasted food and stuff bought and not used. The last stage in the folly of panic buying.

But what I’m thinking about future wise is how is this all going to look in say three months time back at all this and shrug and think to ourselves – hey that wasn’t as bad as they made out or at least yeah we’ve got this now.
The media will find a new toy to play with and milk that for all it’s worth and the politicians will go back to lying and self serving gain.

At the end of the year we’re likely to say please God fuck off 2020 you were a shit year and who can argue with that. But we’ll also likely look back and the figures used to predict infection and death rates were wildly out becasue they can’t work these things out as they’re happening.

But the Earth will still be here, we will still be living on it and there will be a human race. We need to stay indoors to slow the infection rate down a bit and help those we love (or don’t) that are vulnerable but we just need to calm our shit down and think a little.

I’ll leave you all with that thought happy space travellers!

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Blog Orbit – Blog Date March 2020

Looking out of the window on the day I wrote this post I had but one thought – it was the first day of spring. The daffs are out as well as the crocuses poking their colourful little heads up out of the ground. Then I realised I’ve hardly posted at all in the last month… this is bothering me.

Work and life and all that is keeping me from writing anything and I’m struggling to see and end to it all. So I have to say thank you to all you bloggies for keeping up with me and checking in every so often, I do see your likes and comments and I will get around to answering them soon.

They say the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry and that the thing isn’t it? Getting all philosophical about life now I can see how my blogging has changed over time and circumstances and yet I’m still here and posting away when I can, spreading the message spewed out by my deranged mind to the hope that maybe someone likes to read it. Some of you do that’s the thing!

So even though I’m not about much right now I will be popping in and posting I will try and read your posts and who knows maybe soon I’ll be posting some more… fingers crossed eh bloggies?

Let me know how you guys are – what are you working on? How’s life?

Keep smiling and writing.

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My 7 Year Bloggiversary

Hi there bloggies. This popped up the other day, I couldn’t get a post out right away but…

That means there been 7 years of writing stories, of laughs, of sadness of bloggy friends coming and going.

7 Years of travelling space and time, the vastness of the universe and human imagination.

7 Years of ideas and inspiration.

7 Years of books and films and other general nonsense.

It’s been great! Bring on the next 7 years!

© Simon Farnell 2020

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I’ve gone Syberspatial!

Now that you’ve read the title you’re probably thinking what the hell am I talking about? Fear not bloggies, I’ve not lost a screw from my brain – well I might have but let’s not go there right now.

Something has been niggling me for a while and it’s the blog name, cool thought it was it was a mouthful, a rip off from a chapter of a famous book, not about me (there needs to be a bit of me in this right?) and didn’t fit what I did.

I looked into what I do and something kept cropping up – concepts. Either in stories or picture or in thought. Abstract ideas brought into existence in one way shape of form. Some of you know that I’ve been coined the nickname Sy / Syborg or such like and I felt I had to put this together and come up with something original.

So… Syberspatial.

Much of the look and feel is the same, I think it still fits and it will give me something to work on later if I want a new look. But there will be much the same stuff, ideas, stories, artworks… with a bit of me in the mix.

I’ve updated the site front end – you’re now greeted with a neat little homepage with easy access to the best stuff. In the contact area there’s information on there to get in touch and work with me.

Have a look and let me know what you think, have fun and I’ll see you bloggies about!

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Blog Orbit – Blog Date February 2020

We made it bloggies! We made it out of January – damn that felt like a long year! Up here in the UK it’s been cold and damp and dark and only now are we starting to see spring starting to arrive and I have to say it feels good to see a little daylight at 4.30pm.

As I have been trying to do I will give you all a little catch up on what’s been going on over January, there’s been a bit more going on however for some reason I’m finding myself not up to speed yet. Let’s see if that will change over February.

So- what happened last month?

First up was my thoughts on what it means for our existence when you realise that an atom is pretty much mostly empty space.

In Universe made up of Empty Space – What are we?

Was a realisation that you and I and everything around us is made up of mostly empty space. Knowing this does the possibility that we live in a dream world seem so far fetched?

This month I got back into the Blog Battle seat with Poseidon. I’m not claiming a masterpiece here but I wrote it.

I also had a bit to say about Captain Marvel, why is it that a film that I and many thought was so well put together attracting so much hatred? No spoilers here but I don’t know.

I also had a look at Alien Megastructures – how real could they be and what are they?

Along with this I’m squeezing in time to write my book. I’m not as far ahead as I want to be but I’m still proceeding and it’s doing ok, when it’s done I will have editing to look forward to.

Let me know how you guys are – what are you working on? How’s life?

Keep smiling and writing.

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The Sci-Fi Files – Alien Megastructures

Some years ago, mankind found out how to find planets round other stars and this is done by measuring the light of a star and watching for a dip in the light that occurs when a planet (mainly a large one like Jupiter) passes in front of it. This can reduce the light of the star detected by about 1%.


The problem of going out looking for stuff is that something can be discovered that wasn’t expect or maybe even wanted.

What is an observer meant to think if a star dims by as much as 15% – 20% and this fluctuates over a matter of many days? What could possibly dim a star by as much as that?

The most popular theory for this dimming is the light is being obstructed by an alien mega structure of some kind. An example of an Alien mega structure is a Dyson Sphere, a theoretical concept proposed by Freeman Dyson in 1960. A Dyson Sphere would almost or actually completely encompass a star, allowing the race that built it to be able to use all the energy from the star it’s was built around.

alien megatructure

The size that a planet orbiting around this star would need to be to dim it by 15% – 20% would be so massive and this would be detectable by a wobble in the star as the planet orbited. In essence what we have is a start that is dimming by an unusual amount. Whatever it is that’s causing it, natural or not has not been observed before. I may even be beyond our understanding.

We may not know for a long time what’s causing the dimming around KIC 8462852 but consider this, if there is an alien megastructure around it how much do they know about us? They must know we exist… surely? We in our relative technological infancy are able to possibly detect these alien races and their activity. If they are as technically advanced as we think then it stands to reason they are capable of travelling between stars, they almost certainly know about us and probably that we know about their existence.

Do they have a plan to reveal themselves, keep themselves hidden or… something else.

The possibilities are scary and exciting at the same time. We must never forget the quote from Arthur C Clarke:

“There are two possibilities, either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying”

Arthur C Clarke

NOTE: No ownership claimed on images – found on google

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