Great Podcasts that Excite, Educate & Entertain – Great Leap Years

Back at the end of last year, it looked like Radio 2 was going to go to the dogs and indeed it was. I had to find something new to listen to, something engaging, interesting and entertaining... Hence I found podcasts. I've tried some that are as dry and old toast but these are the... Continue Reading →


Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit – Blog Date 12-2019

Hi ya Bloggies! Once again the weekly blog orbit is round again - once again things have been quite here... but you know it kinda is what it is. If anyone has any ideas on how to get stuff done in the middle ofa business I would like to hear it 🙂 I'm putting back... Continue Reading →

6 Year Bloggiversary!

Hi there bloggies, I got a little notification through the other day - this tiny little spot in the blogosphere has been running now for 6 years!!!6 Years!!!! That's 6 years of blogging crap, pictures, music scifi and all kinds of stuff. Planet Simon had been born and changed beyond what I ever expected and... Continue Reading →

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