Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit -Blog Date 38-2018

Hi there bloggies! How are you guys all doing? If you're reading this rather than just clicking the like button then this is a good thing. Welcome to the week 28 of Planet Simon's weekly orbit. Things are stressful I won't lie. I also won't lie and say that it's getting to me, there's still... Continue Reading →


How my new schedule made me super productive

Great post from Ari on how scheduling has made her productive!

I hope you find it useful.

Ari Meghlen - Writer | Blogger | Bad card player

After I failed my monthly goals in July, I decided I needed to try something new.  I have more tasks and work requirements on my plate now, but still the same 24 hours in a day.  So something needed to change.

So in August, I instigated a new schedule to see if that would help.  And wow did it ever!  This was why I managed to complete almost all of my August goals and started a few new projects.

The biggest surprise was writing 14k for my new WIP in just 3 days. 

Title Image: How my new schedule made me super productive. Image: woman working on laptop and phone

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Solar System Exploration: Planet X

Since the discovery of Neptune there has always been the nagging question of "are there any other planets out there?" This question is by no means baseless, mathematical models similar to the ones used to predict the existence of Neptune have suggested that there's something pretty big out there that's having an effect on the... Continue Reading →

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