The Nightfall Dance

Dancing all around me like tiny ghosts of the night,Standing and watching, listening, there's nothing but silence,Evan as you shoot past my ear I can't tell that you even exist, playfully carrying on your twilight dance as if I don't.So close as if daring me to hear your call, your shadow, fleeting in the glow... Continue Reading →


Carry me to my purpose

I feel like a ship at low tide. Marooned. The wind my blow but it cannot take me. So like thr ship I wait. Wait for the water to carry me so the wind can push me.  When this happens my only limits will be where the wind can take me and the water will... Continue Reading →

Torrents of memories 

I stand absorbed by the falling water. Like moments in time they coomr and go so fast. Lost to the pool below, mixed together in an inseparable mix.  Yet my pool of thoughts can be separated, in mixed from the rest to bring g back moments in a drop, feelings lost to be rediscovered.  Soon... Continue Reading →

Enough rain to drown a frog

I know I love the rain, but this is silly They say one can have too much of a good thing I'm soaked to the core and feel cold I know I like the rain, but seriously enough is enough. Even a frog would need an umbrella Simon 🙂 No ownership claimed on image

On calm waters

I close my eyes and dare to imagine Letting the chaos of the day melt away Imagining a boat on a sea far away The cool and quiet of the setting sun and the wind so gentle filling our sails on reach. The lapping water, the sails waving gently with creaking timbers the only disturbance.... Continue Reading →

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