Digital Art with GIMP – Creating Planets

Gimp - Gnu Image Manipulation Program, an open source program that like Photoshop is able to do amazing things with graphics and photo's. Unlike Photoshop it costs nothing and it's feature set is still comparable. This is a series of posts I've created on how Gimp can be used to help create worlds and give... Continue Reading →


Let’s Connect with the fun Writers Tag

My friend and fellow writer Ari and her friend Lorraine have created the fun writers tag as she says: "Being a writer can be a lonely business.  So we thought we’d create the Writers Tag to get the ball rolling and in a fun way, introduce each other to all the wonderful writers who blog." Ari was... Continue Reading →

Solar System Exploration: Planet X

Since the discovery of Neptune there has always been the nagging question of "are there any other planets out there?" This question is by no means baseless, mathematical models similar to the ones used to predict the existence of Neptune have suggested that there's something pretty big out there that's having an effect on the... Continue Reading →

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