Blog Orbit – May 2023

Hello there bloggies! It's May! Can you believe it - we're almost halfway through the year and on our way to Christmas. Don't groan you know it's true! I'm still waiting for Spring to arrive as it keeps turning into Winter gain and that's not fun.We get glimmers of warmth that happen for a little … Continue reading Blog Orbit – May 2023


“Argonath” The Pillars of Kings – A Sketchwork

It's hard to believe that the Lord of the Rings films are now 20 years older or more now. Having read the books I would say that the films where an honest, modern interpretation of the story. They definitely don't follow the the story or tone of the stories line by line but great in … Continue reading “Argonath” The Pillars of Kings – A Sketchwork

Blog Orbit – Blog Date November 2022

Hello there bloggies! I hope you had a good spooky month and enjoyed dressing up as ghosts and ghouls or giving little dressed up urchins their ' trick or treat' gains. Now it's Novemeber and incredibly we are now racing, hurtling even towards the end of the year. Photo by Taras Makarenko on Once … Continue reading Blog Orbit – Blog Date November 2022