Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit -Blog Date 07-2019

Hello there bloggies! I feel I'm making too much of a habit of this, I manage to crank out the weekly orbit and one other post and that's it... I really need to get something done about this... I have so many ideas and none of them are getting out. Do any of you have... Continue Reading →


Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit -Blog Date 06-2019

Hello there bloggies! So once again the week got the better of me and I didn't manage to get much out... this is what happens when you've not got much to work with at home. But my entry for January's blog battle entry hit the timelines just in time. If you missed it, look up... Continue Reading →

Birthday Blog Party Post Share

Hi there bloggies, back in December I had a Birthday Blog share on my Birthday (funnily enough). Over a month on and I'm finally getting around to doing what I promised and share all the great post shares so that all of you can look up these good bloggies and their work. So I hope... Continue Reading →

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