A Flavour of Spring

I can't talk obviously about the rest of the world, but here in the UK Spring has been a bit of a washout but there have been a few times where the Sun and been able to shine onto the beauty of the Spring and I've been able to capture a flavour of it.I hope … Continue reading A Flavour of Spring


Mountains and Lakes

The Lake District area of England is in the north east of the country, the mountain valley's from some very beautiful lakeside scenery and as you can see below makes for some spectacular views.Let me know what you think, I would love to know. Copyright Simon Farnell 2022 Copyright Simon Farnell 2022 Copyright Simon Farnell … Continue reading Mountains and Lakes

May Dusk Photo’s

I'm always keeping an eye out for a good photo shot as many of you know, the last week or so has had some mixed weather which can make for some pretty awesome shot opportunities.Here's a few of them: Copyright Simon Farnell 2022 Copyright Simon Farnell 2022 Copyright Simon Farnell 2022 What do you think? … Continue reading May Dusk Photo’s

March 2022 in Night Pictures

March is now long behind us, but some of the pictures remind me of the cold, clear nights that shine with such beauty and how the light can transform in so many ways... I hope you enjoy these, let me know if you have any favourites. I've left them as a gallery here: Let me … Continue reading March 2022 in Night Pictures

January 2022 in Pictures

It's already the end of the first month of 2022, the Sun is coming out more, the morning and evenings are little brighter each day. January might be the darkest month but when the light come out there is some beauty to take in as these pictures celebrate: I hope you enjoy these, let me … Continue reading January 2022 in Pictures

Shooting the Moon

The Moon is out closest celestial neighbour and to the naked eye if your eyesight is sharp larger details and craters can be made out. Pointing my camera at it a while back brings out some fantastic detail as these shots taken at different phases show. Image stacking could make these sharper and that's something … Continue reading Shooting the Moon

Astrophotography – Capturing the Milky Way with Smartphone

There's a thing with Photography, no sooner as a piece of equipment allows you to do something that you want it to do more. This is especially true in astrophotography. For years I've been waiting or smartphone camera's to get good enough to take pictures of the stars, finally when I got one that could … Continue reading Astrophotography – Capturing the Milky Way with Smartphone