Simon’s Elements

The elements of Science, Fiction, Creativity and Blogging all collide on Planet Simon, creating massive creative fusion.

Blog Roll

Look here and see the complete Planet Simon Blog Roll

Frontier Fiction

Come and find the Frontiers of Fiction


What is Fictioneering? Why does it matter?

Sci – Fi Concepts

I’ve got my own concepts and thought on Science Fiction at it’s Concepts. Come and have a look!

Science Fiction

Have a look at the Sci-Fi Worlds I’ve been reading and watching

The Universe, Existence & Meaning

Find out more about the Universe our place in it.

Universe Creation

Have a look at the worlds I’m creating….

There’s even more, come and land and see what you find!

Looking back on 2021

When I look back on 2021 I realise that not only did it seem like a year where motivation was low and I struggled to create and come up with idea but also that I’ve done different things and I’ve shown some of them off. Because of this and becasue some of these posts can …

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