Sci-Fi Moments – Paradoxes

Paradoxes are not exclusively (See Groundhog day) but pretty much normally only found in Sci-Fi where someone is playing around with time. I thought I would share a few classic examples that came to mind.

Interstellar Wormhole Scene

The wormhole scene in Interstellar is kinda weird, as something reaches out to Dr Brand as they pass through you’re left wondering what it is. Forgetting what it was until the end when it’s Cooper passing back through.

Dr Who – Heaven Sent

Heaven sent was one of those great episodes that stuck with me, caught in this time loop the Dr has to find his way out to find Gallifrey while avoiding the Veil, a creature that will kill him with a touch.

The most powerful part is this, the ending where over billions of years he hammers his way through a solid diamond wall before being killed over and over.

Back to the Future – or the Past

Back to the Future – three films about time and consequences of messing with the timeline is a simple and now argued view. But despite the entertainment value of these films they were full of paradoxes… It was hard to pick a clip but this is pretty good.

When Biff from the future goes back to the past to bring him fortune he messes up everyone’s present and the Doc and MAry need to find a way to put it right. They can’t go back to the future but back to the past instead and stop the Biff from the future going back to the past to mess things up – Did you get that?

What do you think of these? Are there better ones I should have thought of? I’ve realised there’s a few films I need to watch that expand on this so maybe there’s a future post.

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Sci-Fi Moments – The Unexpected

Science fiction is full of shocking moments, moments where either out loud or in your head and asking “What’s going on? No way!” So this is a post filled with some of those shock moments – enjoy and chip in if you can think of some.

Star Wars – I am your Father!

This is perhaps one of the most iconic scenes from any of the Star Wars films and it paves the way as the setting for not only the rest of the original trilogy but the entire epic saga.

Darth Vader’s murderous voice telling Luke “I – am your father!”

Captain Lorca – Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek Discovery – great series and in season 1 captain Lorca’s devisive character seems out of place in starfleet. The reason why becomes apparent towards the end of season 1.

He’s from the Terran dimension.

Interstellar – Ranger 2 Detach

This amazing film deals plenty of surprises, the biggest one that no one saw coming, not even Dr Brand was Cooper’s sacrifice to shed weight from Endurance so it could escape the gravity well of Gargantua.

Death of Gamora

One of the most powerful scenes in Infinity War (at least for me) was the sacrifice of Gamora by Thanos so he could gain the soul stone. Just when you thought that he had failed, just when you thought there was hope he couldn’t succeed.

Star Wars Solo – Darth Maul

This one got me. Right at the end of Solo – Darth Maul appears with robotic legs. Chopped in half by Obi Wan some years before it obviously wasn’t enough to kill him. Not sure how that works, but hey. That’s Sci-Fi for you.

What do you think of these? Are there better ones I should have thought of? Maybe I’ll include them in a later post?

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Sci-Fi Moments – Wisdom and Philosophy

Science fiction allows the writer to create situations that we wouldn’t normally expect in the normal run of things. This in turn allows us to stretch our thinking beyond the normal and into these situations and to think about. The battle between good and evil and the struggles faced by the characters stands out in all these stories.

This is a collection of a few that came to mind.

Do or do not – There is no try.

Yoda is one of the greatest characters in the Star Wars universe. His powerful knowledge and wisdom is delivered with such a gentle and even amusing method it really cuts to the core.

In this scene Luke Skywalker doubts his abilities say that he will try. Do or do not he is told…

This is where I fall

Peter Capaldi in my view was a great doctor and had some really great speeches to deliver. His powerful presence brought something into them that is quite unique.
He he’s trying to convince his arch nemesis The Master (Missy) to stand with him, not becasue it’s easy or even becasue it will work, just becasue it’s the right thing to do.

Time is like a predator

In this clip, Captain Picard is trying to talk around Dr Soran, planning on destroying a star to enter the Nexus and gain an immortal life one of the most insightful speeches on time and humanity makes you think about the truth of our existence as Picard puts it.

What do you think of these? Are there better ones I should have thought of? Maybe I’ll include them in a later post?

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Scifi Moments – When Machines Die

Science fiction films being what they are can give unique personalities to machines of different kinds, be they computers, robots or spacecraft. The moments when these machines are killed off are moments of sadness. These are some of the most memorable sad moments from science fiction movies. If you can think of others that are more memorable then let me know!hal - Copy

2001 A Space Odyssey- Hal

Hal was the killer computer from 2001, highly intelligent and able to run the entire discovery spacecraft by himself. HAL mysteriously malfunctioned, killing a crewman Frank to get Commander Dave Bowman out of the spacecraft so he could kill those hibernating by evacuating the atmosphere from it.

Dave manged to get back to the Discovery and shut him down. Despite his calm and maniacal voice, you can’t help but feel for HAL as he is gradually deactivated.

Terminator 2


Time, time travel and paradoxes always seem to cause problems and put many heroes to a sticky end. This is very well demonstrated in Terminator 2 when Arnie’s character after having been nearly smashed to pieces allows himself to be lowered into molten steel in order to destroy all trace of Skynet’s Terminator technology to stop Skynet’s creation in the first place.

As Kryten once said: “Today’s been a bit of a bummer really!”

Shame it didn’t work.

The Black Hole – BOB


BOB was the bashed up little droid from the Black Hole, with a southern accent he brought out the love of the underdog in the audience. His memory banks clocked their last cycles after he crossed the formidable Maximilian. His buddy Vincent had to say a sad goodbye to BOB after the fight with the spacecraft disintegrating around them.

The Starship Enterprise


After the death of Admiral Kirk’s son, Kirk had to surrender the Enterprise to his Kingon enemy. But not before he set the ship to self destruct. This created a scene that audiences were nothing less than stunned at.

Drone 3 (Luis) from Silent Running


A little known (I nearly forgot this film too) called silent running saw a crew member defy orders to destroy the lifedomes they were carrying, kill his fellow crew members and go rogue and silent in order to protect the life in the dome that he loved.

In this were three drones, 1, 2 and 3 later renamed to Huey, Dewey and Louie. Louie came to an unexpected end while outside the spacecraft and his foot got stuck.I couldn’t find anything on YouTube on this scene. But this is a very different SciFi flick, it’s a mix of beauty, death and sadness with an ending you don’t expect.

I hope you liked this, I’m planning on making more SciFi film moments as there are so many. Any suggestions welcome.

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