Sci-Fi Moments – Paradoxes

Paradoxes are not exclusively (See Groundhog day) but pretty much normally only found in Sci-Fi where someone is playing around with time. I thought I would share a few classic examples that came to mind. Interstellar Wormhole Scene The wormhole scene in Interstellar is kinda weird, as something reaches out to Dr Brand as … Continue reading Sci-Fi Moments – Paradoxes


Sci-Fi Moments – The Unexpected

Science fiction is full of shocking moments, moments where either out loud or in your head and asking "What's going on? No way!" So this is a post filled with some of those shock moments - enjoy and chip in if you can think of some. Star Wars - I am your Father! This … Continue reading Sci-Fi Moments – The Unexpected

Sci-Fi Moments – Wisdom and Philosophy

Science fiction allows the writer to create situations that we wouldn't normally expect in the normal run of things. This in turn allows us to stretch our thinking beyond the normal and into these situations and to think about. The battle between good and evil and the struggles faced by the characters stands out in … Continue reading Sci-Fi Moments – Wisdom and Philosophy

Scifi Moments – When Machines Die

Science fiction films being what they are can give unique personalities to machines of different kinds, be they computers, robots or spacecraft. The moments when these machines are killed off are moments of sadness. These are some of the most memorable sad moments from science fiction movies. If you can think of others that are … Continue reading Scifi Moments – When Machines Die