Planet Simon weekly roundup

So here we are it’s Friday! TGIF!!!! Even better is that this is a long weeken with the May bank holiday and so it’s three days off and a short week next week! Some of you may have notices, new header image templates and a new look. If not take a look:

Let me know what you think!



I’ve added some more humour this week – with a new strip from my Numpty’s creation and sone controvesial views on lies that men and women tell…

Also there’s a new spot on Miinion thoughts which I hope willΒ  be fun!

Numpy’z – Empowering the Staff

Lies Men tell Women

Lies Women tell Men

Minion thoughts – Childhood Memories

Scifi & Writing:

Asusual I’ve taken part in this weeks blog battle – carrying on the Tita’s Mystery story, things get interesting as two people from different times meet and the plot unfolds a new twist:

The Titan Mystery – Part 5

With this I’m ramping up for what I’m hoping will be a great new feature involving some of my fellow bloggies journeying round the universe in the Explorer – a fantasy spaceship:

Spaceship Explorer


Space Stuff:

As usual ther’s my spattering of space news withthis week’s weekly NASA news, a rather funky Lunar explorer page from ESa a huge, mahoosive crack in the crust of Encalaedus and the discovery of a moon around a little dwarf planet called MakeMake.

Solar System – Things to know this Week

ESA – Lunar Explorer

Encalaedus – Huge Y reaches across it’s surface

Dwarf planet MakeMake has a moon


This is my last week of regualar music posts, they’ll probably be appreaing from time to time but I’m trying to focus on more of my own actual content that trying endlessly to find new music themes to share with you all.

So this will be the last time for a while that the DJ spaceman sppears and I’m leaving you with more Two Steps from Hell!


Music – Two Steps from Hel- – Realm of Power

Music – Thomas Bergerson – Empire of Angels

Music – Two Steps from Hell – Winterspell



Other bloggies & posts:

I always put up a little about you bloggies and what’s caught my interest over the week. A post from my good friend Lucy caught my eye early in the week with a post called:

If blogs were houses

I always love how Lucy’s humour gets into her posts. If you’re not following her already go over and have a look at her blog! I mean house!

Erika put up a really exciting post too – So Excited

It was a real joy to read, make sure you visit Erika too!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Simon πŸ™‚


28 thoughts on “Planet Simon weekly roundup

      1. I’m in NY one of the busiest. Not Manhattan, Queens but still busy. It doesn’t here either. Right now someone has music blasting and shaking the house. It’s Sunday evening, raining, and cold. So imagine on a nice evening on Friday or Saturday. Birds are much nicer.


  1. It is cool to see in one post how much work you put into your blog within one week. Thank you so very much for adding the link to my post! It was awesome to write. I just posted my review and revealed the background to that post.

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