The “Drop It Like It’s Hot” Blogging Event | May 11, 2016 #linkshare #WWWBlogs

The Next Chapter

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On Wednesday May 11, 2016, you are formally invited to the “Drop It Like It’s Hot” Blogging Event!

Yes, yes, yes…next Wednesday, bust a move, drop it like it’s hot and while you’re at it, drop a blog link too!

What do you need to know?

1. It’s an opportunity to mix, mingle and share a link to your blog or a specific post in the Comment box;

2. Introduce yourself, tell us a little about your blog and tell us what is absolutely awesome about what your share;

3. Visit at least three links from other bloggers, say hello and/or leave a comment directly on their blog;

4. Feel free to INVITE your friends, REBLOG, TWEET and spread the word across your social media networks.  

Don’t forget, it will be an all day event so feel free to drop more than…

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