Planet Simon weekly roundup

So here we are it's Friday! TGIF!!!! Even better is that this is a long weeken with the May bank holiday and so it's three days off and a short week next week! Some of you may have notices, new header image templates and a new look. If not take a look: Let me... Continue Reading →


Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup

As always it's been a busy week and I've been struggling to keep my blogging schedule. I'm hoping soon I can be delivering more of my own written content and new stuff to keep your interest peaked. I hope you've all had a good week - looking forward to another week of adventures next week!... Continue Reading →

Planet Simon’s Weekly Roundup

With the weekend round the corner and everyone breathing a sign of TGIF, it's time for a roundup of the week and all of it's fun and frolics. I'm not sure what I'll be doing this weekend, hopefully there will be some of this: But who knows eh? The Spaceman DJ: This week's musical collection... Continue Reading →

A week of great thougths and posts

Thank God it's Friday! The weekend is only a couple of hours away and the smell of freedom is sweet! My good friend Erika frequently does a weekly review and I thought I would try something similar. With of course the cartoon person she frequents us with. Thanks for the ideas and help with this... Continue Reading →

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