ESA – Week In Images

This weeks images from ESA are looking into the heart of the most distant galaxies, electrical storms on Jupiter and an image of mount St Helens among others. Click on the link for the full article via Week In Images / Highlights / ESA Simon 🙂 No ownership claimed on images or material


Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup

It's been an exhausting week and all I've wanted to do is sleep. But I'm excited too because tomorrow is the bloggers bash and there are a number of you that I will be meeting to have a bit of fun with and I can't wait!   But what's been going on this week on … Continue reading Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup

ISS: Air and Space Science

The ISS is a big floating laboratory in space, helping us to find out things that help is physics, biology and every other branch of science in between. They also have a good place to see what's happening here on Earth. This Tumblr post from NASA show us some of the work they're doing. No … Continue reading ISS: Air and Space Science

Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup

Here we are again - the end of yet another week, so it's roundup time! Before we get to the posts have a look at my blog sites Planet Simon and Universe of Possibility apart from the addition of more posts, I've been working on the layout of my sites. More on Universe of Possibility, but it needed some … Continue reading Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup