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Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup

After a couple of weeks hiding because of all that’s gone on in the world, I’m starting to come to terms with it all and see what’s on the horizon. This in life are still chaos and I’m pretty tired and need a break, but you know it’s life eh?

I’m trying to keep on top of the blog posts, but I’m not finding the time really. As I merged my other blogs into this one last week I’m finding relief in re-posting old posts with hopefully just a tweek or two to leave me some breathing space to write some good stuff for you all.

Blog posts

A few posts this week including some Minions, my view on the war between Apple and Android and my thoughts on wishing on a star.

Wishing upon a shooting star


Minion Thoughts – Killing them with Kindness

Minion Thoughts – Imperfection


Why I love Android and loathe Apple




As Juno started it’s mission around Jupiter – I posted my next piece in the Solar System Exploration series and Jupiter.

Solar System Exploration – Jupiter

With also a week’s worth of images from ESA.

ESA – Week In Images



Science Fiction – Writing


Planet Simon - The Titan Mystery

Part 12 of the Titan Mystery see’s our heroic commander and his team in a bit of a sticky one..

The Titan Mystery – Part 12

Plus – mind control through weather control? Is a huge Ionosphere measurement array controlling us?

Scifi Files – HAARP



Other Blogs / Posts

A new found bloggie called Asire wrote a great piece on translating English to American or the other way around. I meant to create a post on this myself – so I’m linking it in with this week’s roundup for you all!

English vs American vocabulary

My friend Sacha (who we’ve just together realised isn’t God) has created other amazing mystery post on some mysterious pyramids in Bosnia. I never knew anything about these, but read the post – it’s amazing!

Pyramids of Bosnia

Have a great weekend all!

Simon 🙂


Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup

It’s that time of week when the weekly roundup is needed. I’ve been up against it a bit for a few weeks and I’m starting to feel it.

Simon 5

But it’s been exciting too! I’ve not manged to write much this last few weeks and to be honest after the way things have been going over here in the UK I’ve not been in the right frame of mind to write.

So I’ve been spending a bit of time re-hashing my blog. after asking you all for advice yesterday in:

All Bloggers! I need your Input!

I’ve moved my blogs over to Planet Simon now, so universe of possibilities is still about but I’ll be posting all my blogs, stories and everything from here now! The site has been given a new fresh look too!

planet simon new page


In the meantime this is a list of the weeks posts.


My latest piece on Solar System exploration led us all to the asteroid belt and shedding some light on a mysterious part of our little corner of the universe.

Solar System Exploration – Asteroid Belt and Ceres



As I wasn’t in the mood this week – I was trying to cheer us all up with a bit of light hearted awesomeness:

Where My feet have been – Roller Skating

Legoland – For the Child and Geek Within

The ultimate Star Wars geek show at Legoland



The minions as always provide us with some witty wisdom…


Minion Thoughts – Dealing with assholes

Minion Thoughts -Weird and Wonderful People


With crazy cats doing crazy things following on…

Damn this cat is fast!

Cat like reflexes – Friday Funny


Hopefully things will get back to normal and I can get some more time to write and put some of my favourite posts of the week at the end. But Thank to all of you for being here, interacting, liking, commenting you’re all great! Have an amazing weekend!

Simon 🙂

Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup

It’s been an exhausting week and all I’ve wanted to do is sleep. But I’m excited too because tomorrow is the bloggers bash and there are a number of you that I will be meeting to have a bit of fun with and I can’t wait!

Simon 12


But what’s been going on this week on Planet Simon?


My Posts

I’ve not had much time this week, so the posts from me have been thin – but Ive ben exploring perspectives, technology and a verse given to me by a blogger that blew my mind away.

Also there was a rather cool music and words award!

Perspectives in life

But for man…

Technology – Chromecast

Music & Words Award


I also didn’t get around to the next part of the Titan Mystery – but I did post s SciFi files on my universeofpossibility site.

SciFi Files – Underground Cities




I’ve not written my regular piece on the solar system, but I have taken some piece from NASA and ESA to keep the spaceship running as it were!

ESA – A Week in Pictures

The Solar System – Things to know this week

ISS: Air and Space Science


Minion Thoughts


A little smattering of minion thoughts on sunglasses and adulthood brought a few smiles to you all I think!

Minion Thoughts – Sunglasses

Minion Thoughts – Adulthood

Other Bloggers / Posts

My bloggie friend Lucy writes a weekly diary extract from Tina – her character from a book club story she started a while back. I thought this weeks was very good (as always) so I’m giving it the top slot here:

Tina’s Writer Life


This post also blew me away from Tania Marie’s blog. A whole bunch of pictures of Colorado, what an amazing and beautiful place – I had to share this too!

Goodbye for now to Colorado

That’s it for this week, maybe next week I’ll be able to post more. See you then and all those coming to the bash – see you there!

Simon 🙂

Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup

Here we are again – the end of yet another week, so it’s roundup time! Before we get to the posts have a look at my blog sites Planet Simon and Universe of Possibility apart from the addition of more posts, I’ve been working on the layout of my sites. More on Universe of Possibility, but it needed some maintenance and loving care – Planet Simon will be getting a new make over soon! But for now, I’ve played a bit with the menu’s to make it easier to find things on both sites.

Simon 5

This is all I want to do this weekend… I’ve been up against it and I’m tired. But stillsmiling at the end of it!

Anyways… this week:


My exploration of the solar system went up a level as we visited our home planet. I learned a few things on this one as I researched it, but it’s starting to get interesting now as we move further away from the sun.

Solar System Exploration – Earth

My old and abandoned post also focused on space with a look at the valuable space debris that’s scattered around the solar system.

Old and Abandoned – Space ‘Junk’



McKinley and crew are getting closer to finding a way out of their time twisted situation in the 9th part of the Titan Mystery. Where’s it going to go from here?

Featured Image -- 6327

Find out at https://universeofpossibility.wordpress.com/

The Titan Mystery – Part 9


Scifi Files

Another feature I’m working on for this blog is taking a look at the tales and legends that are told all over and asking ourselves – could it be true? Is it true?



Scifi Files: Julia

This week, it’s looking at the possibility of huge sea monsters that have never been seen… but heard.



Other posts have been looking at the technology I put on my wrista dn where my feet have been

Technology – Shark Watch

Where my feet have been -A Lake with a duck

Then with some humour from our minion friends it round off a week of damn fine blogging!


Minion Thougths – Someday…

Minion Thoughts -Pretending to be Normal…



Other Bloggies / Posts

This week I found a new bloggie who is very good in herself: Shellsizzle but then I found out that this blog is a mother / daughter double act with Missnoonaa and I found a post on there:

Don’t just be a tree!

I loved this post, it’s something I had been mulling over in my head for ages, only this is much better!


Have a great weekend everyone!

Simon 🙂

Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup

It’s been a hard week this week, but we got there in the end, it’s a long weekend with Monday off so things must be good!


My minion friends have been entertaining you all as usual with the unique wit and their thoughts on shoes sizes as one gets bigger and whatever you do – Don’t worry!

Minion Thoughts – At least my shoes still fit

Minion Thoughts – Don’t worry…


Fantasy writing

I’ve been meaning to pick up on the adventures of Minecraft Steve for some time so this week I got around to it – have no fear fellow Sci Fi readers and fand of the Totan Mystery – I’m in progress with the next part and it won’t disappoint – but you will all be seeing more of Minecraft Steve too!


Featured Image -- 6509

Minecraft Steve and the Temple of Darkness



Posts what I have wrote (haha..)

This week, my feet have been on a tree stump, a sunken DC from WWII (which i later found out is in Turkey) and a review of the Beauty Thief made for the extra mix of this weeks posts. I love the variety I can bring to you as bloggies and I hope you like reading them as much as I like writing them.



Where my feet have been – The Tree Stump

Old and Abandoned -Sunken DC3

Book Review – The Beauty Thief




With Hubble taking adavantage of Mars’s oppositio the continuation of my series on the Solar System and pictures from ESA made for a busy week with space news.

Solar System Exploration – Venus

ESA – A Week in Pictures

Hubble taking advantage of Mars opposition

Mars Ancient Mega Tsunami’s

Pluto’s Fretted Terrain


Other bloggies / Posts

Sacha alswys creat such amazing posts, Lucy has mentioned blog envy and I thought I owuld never feel it – but Sacha’s posts are a-mazing! This one the the mystery of our origin is brilliant and I’ve go to lean more about it as much of this I’ve encountered before.

The Zen of Earth – The Mystery of our Origin


Kisten Lamb’s posts are always great greading for any writer, focussing on writing twists this wek makes for a very useful read.

How to Write mind blowing twists – Kristen Lamb


I’ve also found another follow Sci Fi geek with theanalyzedlife welcome to the fun! Lastly happy blog birthday to Charlie Blog Birthday 500 Followers.

Have a great weekend all, enjoy the long weekend and have fun!

Simon 🙂


Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup

It’s that time of week again when the week is almost over, we’re rushing out the door for the weekend and of course the Planet Simon weekly roundup is here. It’s the best part of it surely?

It’s been a busy week in many ways and things have not gone to plan blog wise. I’ve not had




Carrying on with my Solar Syatem exploration, the sun came out shining brightly. With a piece on the sun with some rather stunning facts that leaft my mind blown – I don’t know about yours!

Solar System Exploration – The Sun

Algone with the sun I poststed some of the best pics wchich came from ESA last week.

ESA – A Week in Images



Featured Image -- 6209

So, the explorer had launched! After a little more time than I expected my writing blog https://universeofpossibility.wordpress.com/ is hosting the voyages of the space ship Explorer, her mission and crew becoming legend I hope in the blogoshpere. Thee the first mission log here: The Explorer Voyages – The Cube



With this the 8th part of my ongoing fiction witht he crew of the Tycho up to their necks in somehting that are struggling to understand.

The Titan Mystery – Part 8




As always I like my Minion friends to insert some humour, this week also helped by Wally from Dilbert –  who would have thoguht he would be on Tinder?

Minion Thoughts – Want to be my friend?

Minion Thoughts -One of those days…

Friday Funny – Wally sees Tina on Tinder


Other stuff

Some pictures of Iceland from a friend and my feet at a skate park – I’m trying my best to fill this space with new and random stuff!

Where my feet have been – A BMX Park

Iceland Pictures


Other bloggies / posts

Kristen Lamb is an exceptional writer and blogger who spends a great deal of time trying to help us as writers achieve our best. Have a look at her blog in perticular this post on the hard truth’s about being a professional writer:

The hard truth about being a professional writer

Sacha Black really knows how to write a post that captivates me, this one on human aura certainly peeked my interest:

Impossibly connected auras energy and universal life forces

I also loved this post for Niki on synchons…syncho… synchronicities.  Jaut have a look:


Enjoy your weekends everyone!

Simon 🙂

Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup

It’s been a hellof a week this week, lots going on, working and trying to work out what new directions to take Planet_Simon. I keep threateneing it I know but there are lots of new things coming both on Planet_Simon and on universeofpossibility so if you’re not following both blogs you might miss something!




I’ve just started a new space feature I’m going to try and put up weekly to go alongside the usual updates. It’s the Solar System Explorer. I was going to start with the Sun, but as the transit of Mercury with the Sun was topic of the week I starting with Mercury.

Solar System Exploration – Mercury



Featured Image -- 5987


The seventh part of my SciFi story the Titan Myster was out on Tuesday. With further challenges and twists in the tale teh crew of the Tycho are up against it.

The Titan Mystery – Part 7


Other posts



I’m fascinated with things that are old and abandoned. There’s a often a story behind them worth far more than the object itself. I started this off with a legend – The Titanic.

Old and Abandoned – Titanic


I brevely delved into the political world with my confusion over the EU Referendum. What I learned is that the problem is more multi-faceted than even I thought.

Making sense of the mess that is the EU Referendum


Blog Tags

I was tagged twice this week, the smiley tumb and the Get to know me tags were nice little tags to participate in!

Smiley Thumb Tag

The get to know me tag





With a little Dilbert and a couple of Minions causing trouble a little humour and fun went a long way this week.

Wally’s Lateness Excuse

Miion Thoughts – Looking back on your life

Minion Thoughts – Waving at Random People

Other Blogs / Bloggies


My friend Erika wrote an AMAZING post this wek – so good I had to reblog it- find it here, it’s about approachin all the problems in life from the right perspective.

The Magic of a Changed Perspective

Lucy’s rather unhinged but lovable character Tina  is up to yet more tricks, with problems in updating her author photo leading to the unexpected.

Tina’s Writer Diary

Finally, it’s Niki’s meet and greet weekend and you should all go and have a lok – meet and greet your fellow bloggies!

Meet and Greet Weekend

Have a great weekend all!

Simon 🙂

Planet Simon Weekly Roundup

So it’s the end of yet another week, the weekend is here and I’m hopeful of some fun and merriment to be had.


But what happened this week on Planet Simon?

Minion Thoughts



I’ve started putting up some amusing minion thoughts to lighten the blogging time line a little. I added a few thoughts this week:

Minion Thoughts – Spiders

Minion Thoughts – Some People are Missing a Screw

Minion Thoughts – Insomnia




Part 6 of my lateest Scifi Story came out on Thursday – it’s not part of the blog battle as the rules are changing but even so, part 6 came out with more to follow:

The Titan Mystery – Part 6



Space and other Stuff


This picture showing the dew drop of Encaladus against Saturn shows in spectacular detail the sacle of the Saturn system.

The Dew Drop of Saturn

With a rundown from NASA on what’s gonig on in space in May.

What’s going on in space in May


Moving on from the vastness of space I thought I would share with you all my munchies idea this week – I liked them and it seems you guys did too!

Tuna and Cheese Melt Baguette Slices


Other bloggers

As usual some other bloggers and pages feature on my weekly roundup. Sacha posted a piece for writing inspiration on some spooky dolls. It also featuires a flash fiction piece I wrote last week:


Lucy’s post on being a writing thrill seeker also caught my attention:


Go and have a look at their blog, there is much to entertain you!

At the moment things are slow – there’s all new stuff coming up in the pipeline that I’m hopeful will be interesting, entertaining, funny, scary and everything else. So watch this space!

Simon 🙂


Planet Simon weekly roundup

So here we are it’s Friday! TGIF!!!! Even better is that this is a long weeken with the May bank holiday and so it’s three days off and a short week next week! Some of you may have notices, new header image templates and a new look. If not take a look:


Let me know what you think!



I’ve added some more humour this week – with a new strip from my Numpty’s creation and sone controvesial views on lies that men and women tell…

Also there’s a new spot on Miinion thoughts which I hope will  be fun!

Numpy’z – Empowering the Staff

Lies Men tell Women

Lies Women tell Men

Minion thoughts – Childhood Memories

Scifi & Writing:

Asusual I’ve taken part in this weeks blog battle – carrying on the Tita’s Mystery story, things get interesting as two people from different times meet and the plot unfolds a new twist:

The Titan Mystery – Part 5

With this I’m ramping up for what I’m hoping will be a great new feature involving some of my fellow bloggies journeying round the universe in the Explorer – a fantasy spaceship:

Spaceship Explorer


Space Stuff:

As usual ther’s my spattering of space news withthis week’s weekly NASA news, a rather funky Lunar explorer page from ESa a huge, mahoosive crack in the crust of Encalaedus and the discovery of a moon around a little dwarf planet called MakeMake.

Solar System – Things to know this Week

ESA – Lunar Explorer

Encalaedus – Huge Y reaches across it’s surface

Dwarf planet MakeMake has a moon


This is my last week of regualar music posts, they’ll probably be appreaing from time to time but I’m trying to focus on more of my own actual content that trying endlessly to find new music themes to share with you all.

So this will be the last time for a while that the DJ spaceman sppears and I’m leaving you with more Two Steps from Hell!


Music – Two Steps from Hel- – Realm of Power

Music – Thomas Bergerson – Empire of Angels

Music – Two Steps from Hell – Winterspell



Other bloggies & posts:

I always put up a little about you bloggies and what’s caught my interest over the week. A post from my good friend Lucy caught my eye early in the week with a post called:

If blogs were houses

I always love how Lucy’s humour gets into her posts. If you’re not following her already go over and have a look at her blog! I mean house!

Erika put up a really exciting post too – So Excited

It was a real joy to read, make sure you visit Erika too!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Simon 🙂


Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup

As always it’s been a busy week and I’ve been struggling to keep my blogging schedule. I’m hoping soon I can be delivering more of my own written content and new stuff to keep your interest peaked. I hope you’ve all had a good week – looking forward to another week of adventures next week!




Simon 3

This week I’ve been putting up my favourite movie sound pieces. This will continue into next week. Two notables from this weeks collection are:

The Avengers





This weeks space news has been:

A week of pictures from ESA

The great divide in Saturn’s rings

Mainly picture posts, which I like as there’s nothing more spectacular than imagery in space and nothing like details to take some of that beauty away.


Blog Battle:

Simon 9


This week, the story continued with part three of my short story  The Titan Mystery:

The Titan Mystery – Part 3

My friend Rachael is doing great things with the blog battles. So please go and ahve a look! No – I mean it!!!

Other Stuff:


Other posts I put up was one on the stone of Castlerigg and a church near to where I work:

The stones of Castlerigg

The secrets of an old church


Bloggies and their posts:


I’ve been asked by my friend Trina of its good to be crazy sometimes to give some coverage. So as she’s a good bloggie friend I couldn’t resist. The link takes you to a post about her’s son’s birthday cake – I think she did a good job!

I also liked this post from my friend Morgan of Rose Quartz whaere she talks about what she wants to do in life and her aspirations. I alwys love the young sparkle that Morgan puts into her posts and it’s what makes here one of my favourite bloggies. Other posts on PS1 games and the 90’s websites she used to love are also worth a read!

Lastly I want to draw everyone’s attention to this post about a call to action for a fellow blogger who has fallen seriously ill: A call to action

Don’t forget to take part in the Meet and greet