Lies Men tell Women

I saw a post the other day that inspired me to write this – I hope you enjoy it, it’s nothing serious and it’s meant to raise a laugh!

Lies men tell women:

  1. You have nothing to worry about darling, the secretary is 50.
  2. No, your bum does not look big in that.
  3. Of course I’ve remembered our anniversary.
  4. (Over the phone) yes of course the kids are in bed.
  5. I was not out drinking darling – I was working late!
  6. Yes my dear I’ve bought everything on your list and nothing else!
  7. I don’t know how that much got spent!
  8. I’ve pushed the boat out this year and got you something expensive.
  9. I’m not driving too fast, it’s how you’re looking at the speedo.
  10. Your perfume smells nice dear.

These are the ones that came to mind as I was typing? What about you guys? Any more you think I could add?

Simon 😀


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