Spaceship Explorer looking for Crew

Following on from my post the other day, this is an update !!!!

I’m building a space ship and I need a crew – this is the long and short of this post. Unfortunately this isn’t real life, it’s in the blogoshpere. During Niki’s meet and greet at the weekend  I met up and got chatting with a fellow blogger at some point in this conversation she suggested that my blog os like a spaceship going on adventure and I was the Captain.

If you still want to join the crew – sign up! The Explorer is filling up nicely! The page for this is currently in progress, I’ll let you all know when it’s completed, from there the information on each of the adventures will be linked. I’m hoping this is going to be interesting for everyone! So you keep up with it make sure you’re follwing universeofpossibility

In a flash of promted inspiration I thought about this and a feature which would be Simon’s spaceship (that’s not what it’s going be called ok? I’m not that shallow lol), like all spaceships we go on adventures and we find stuff, battle weird aliens maybe. The crew (i.e. anyone that signs up to this) write about their own adventures on this spaceship, adding in their own humour, passion for exploration or whatever. This will be an exploration in writing and of course yourselves. So, how is this going to work?

What’s the idea?

The spaceship Explorer (good name, cos that’s what we’re going to do) is going to be sent on missions and there will be a story scenario set up, which I as Captain will write. Think of this as the Captains log of events for this mission. This is will be the prompt for you as the crew to write about this mission from your point of view. To give everyone time the mission will be posted at the start of the month with the conclusion and all your stories will be posted at the end of the month and we see how we go. I’m going to have no limits on the amount you write, I would suggest 500 – 1000 words, but that is only a suggestion there are NO limits!:-)


What do you need to do?

Basically, respond to this post with an idea or suggestion of the crewmember or function you would like to serve. I will set up a page defining everyone’s role and will try and keep this up to date!

When will this happen?

I’m planning to launch the first mission of Explorer in May. The stories / logs of each of the crew can be posted on your blog anytime. But I will need them for posting in the mission conclusion at the end of May (say the 27th).


What roles are there?

Here is an extensive list of the roles we will need. This is not exhaustive – if you think you have what it takes to fulfill another role then by all means suggest this.

Command :

Captain – Myself

First Officer – K (This lady was the inspiration so, she get’s the 2IC spot!)

Flight Officer – Ships pilot – Adam my 500th follower wanted to join up to fly the bird!

Operations Officer – Running of ships functions – Kristi said she wanted a menial role – I’ve given her this as i covers that and more!

Medical Officer – Vacant

Counsellor – Vic (To help people deal with their robot arms!)

Cook – Requested by Rachael – I’m not sure we’re going to get fed, but there could be a few amusing mis haps 😛

Security – Leigh has stepped up to this with the idea of being a shape shifter or some other kind of inventive character. I’m hopeful of some inspired creativeness.



Chief Science Officer – Niki ( A geologist who’s going to find life in the rocks on distant planets)

Science Officers – Vacant



Chief Engineer – Kerry (Chatty) We even have the great fortune of a Scot taking this post:-) Also good with Gaffa tape!

Engineering officer – Roger (A gneral ship based technician – Doesn’t want to be the unnamed crew member – we all know what happens to them!)

So you see – there’s lots of possibilities, a universe of them in fact. That’s why you’ll also need to follow my Scifi / writing blog to keep up with this as this is where it’s going to happen!

So – who’s in? You? Yes, you… thinking you might but not sure. Do you dare? Join me and the crew of the Explorer ans see where it takes you!


No ownsership on image – IXS Enterprise


29 thoughts on “Spaceship Explorer looking for Crew

    1. That would be great. Maybe later on eh?
      Whats funny about this is everyone seems to have star trek in mind for it and have the equivalent character they want to be. 😃😃😃


  1. Along with my small team I have been checking out the ship’s…ahem…hygiene systems (quote from “Taking of Pelham 123” “Hey, even great men gotta pee”) , lighting and air conditioning (it’s surprising what types of stories are starting to grow)
    Thanks for the opportunity Simon.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You’ll have a few weeks, its going yo be fun and I hope you enjoy it and learn something. You have an interest otherwise you wouldn’t be on board!

        Liked by 1 person

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