Space Art – Saturn and the Distant Sun

As part of my aim to create more art in both digital and traditional ways I wanted to re-create the space scene that I use quite a lot on my site and see how well I could make it using what I had. Unlike the previous times I have created planet rings I didn’t take a shortcut. I created around 200 thing individual rings and set their colour and transparency for these pieces.

This was the first piece that I created, is quite pale I think, but it’s a bit more accurate to the picture I’m re-creating.

The second piece uses more of a camera flared Sun as if it was being looked at through glass.

I’m quite pleased with how these turned out and I’m going to try and do more. Which one do you think is best?

© Simon Farnell 2013 – 2022

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40 thoughts on “Space Art – Saturn and the Distant Sun

  1. the first is symmetrically pleasing but can’t see much colour there, just shades of grey.
    Second one the colours pop, much more interesting!

    Any idea how to put copyright on my photos Simon? thanks

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      1. thanks Si, need to get onto this but with my limited tech skills … just tired of people flogging my stuff! Confronted one jerk about it and he rewrote my scathing comment into high praise for his talent!

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      1. Better than what I’m turning out from them anyway 🤣 I did have a proper “eureka!” moment recently though when I realised that you can adjust the curve of bendy lines AFTER you draw them in Inkscape, rather than trying to get them perfect first time. Mind blown 🤯

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  2. Awesome graphics! What package or software are you using? Makes me want to give it a shot myself. Space is so vast with so many unknown worlds/features/neat shit I never get tired of looking at Hubble images or any other type of pictures or graphics work. I like them both, but #2 gives the impression (at least to me) of actually flying by and looking my space dinghy’s window.

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    1. Ah yes there’s so much amazing stuff out there in the universe that totally blows the mind.
      I use Inkscape and Gimp, these are open source graphics tools so don’t cost theything. They might not be the best but they are pretty good to me 🙂


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