Space Art – The Clouds of Jupiter

After the fairly successful Horsehead Nebula I dived into a bit of planetary art this time the clouds of Jupiter were the subject. This took a fair bit of time this piece as the colours and patterns had to be shaped and merged and all of that good stuff. I’m quite pleased with this oneContinue reading “Space Art – The Clouds of Jupiter”

Space Art – The Horsehead Nebula

I had an urge the other week – that was to create the Horsehead Nebula, I’ve been shying away from digital painting and I simply decided to have a go and see where it took me. Taking a shot of it from NASA I painted, smeared and added stars and all of that – piledContinue reading “Space Art – The Horsehead Nebula”

Space Art – Saturn and the Distant Sun

As part of my aim to create more art in both digital and traditional ways I wanted to re-create the space scene that I use quite a lot on my site and see how well I could make it using what I had. Unlike the previous times I have created planet rings I didn’t takeContinue reading “Space Art – Saturn and the Distant Sun”