Today is a public holiday which means one thing (for me at least) no work! If you’re one of the hard working people that have to work today, big respect to you! I hope the day is kind to you. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Things are frantic, chaotic and erratic in my life right now. In always every way there are rough seas. In the last week things at work have become darker and less inspiring. What I’m going to do about this I’m not sure but it’s made me think about the character of those I work for.

Finding time for writing is nearly impossible but on the good side this month’s magazine is all but complete and should be out in a few days. June is next so I had better get started!!

So far this year isn’t panning out like I hoped it would and I’m wondering why, hoping that it improves and soon. I’m hoping for and moving towards change. Something has to soon right?

Simon ๐Ÿ˜Š

37 thoughts on “Manic Monday – Planet Simon’s Week Ahead

  1. It’s not a public holiday in the US but the kids around here are on spring break until Wednesday and I have some time off too.
    you will probably enjoy my post today – about doing your best at the time and not beating yourself up thinking that you should do more.
    I hope it helps you steady yourself and just embrace the moment.

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  2. Ah man, life never quite pans out. Your doing great work so try to feel proud of that. Things have a way of falling into place. Happy bank holiday!

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