Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit -Blog Date 48-2018

Hi there bloggies - happy Monday! Ok - let me get this out of the way now... sorry. I said I had a few things to post and all I can do is apologise becasue I ran out of week. The way things are going I'm likely to run out of week this week too!... Continue Reading →


Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit -Blog Date 47-2018

Hi there bloggies! Here we and the Planet Simon blog orbit completes another trip around the blogoshpere.What's new this week - well it's mixed. In terms of what went up on my blog - not a lot, I posted some space stuff on Friday just because but apart from that not much.

Manic Monday Number 7 :-D

Right bloggies - listen up becasue there's a lot to get through this week! After the blog split with escribble I now  have to re-sort out Planet Simon and tidy up how it looks when a casual browser or blogger find it. Up until now it's been a bit messy with all the categories and different features... Continue Reading →

Manic Monday Number 5 :-)

So here we are firmly planted in February and the gloom of January is firmly behind us! This is where we get the first brighter peeks of 2018, we can now believe that Spring is coming and that it's not far off now. What's been going on in the last week. Much the same as... Continue Reading →

Manic Monday Number 4 :-P

Seriously... what a fucking week! But let's not dwell on this, between all the bits and pieces of my life they conspired against me - hence my relative absence last week. But back to this week, a week I'm hoping will be a bit more fun and more progress in it. I've already made a... Continue Reading →

Manic Monday…on time!

  I thought after last week I had better write a manic Monday on time, the last couple of weeks have been insane and hopefully things will calm down a bit now. I keep saying that though and it keeps not happening so we'll see! Last week Marquessa Matthews took over my blog with her... Continue Reading →

Manic Monday… a little late

  Ahhhh! It's been so busy that my Monday has slipped into Tuesday which had raced towards Wednesday evening! That's how manic my Monday is lol. I hope you're all well and starting to feel all festive. Not much has been going on here but things are afoot so don't abandon me yet!  Last week... Continue Reading →

Manic Monday Strikes Back!

Monday has struck back at Sunday and here we are again. I've been a bit quiet lately and for the time being that's likely to continue. There's not much of a reason for this just damn busy and in a funny kind of mood, maybe it's because I can't get much done or maybe it's... Continue Reading →

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