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Planet Simon’s Manic Monday

My brain will explode soon, I’ve had a few days off and I’m ready to go back to work. You would think with some time off that reading and writing but alas no. It’s been grass cutting and fixing things and stuff like that so I’m climbing the walls a bit as writing is something that’s passing me by – so my goal for this week is do do some as I have a book to write before next year is up or Sacha Black is going to be ridiculing me next year

So without further ado – I better go!

Also make sure you keep up in my other places on the interweb:

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Thanks guys – keep smiling and writing!

Simon 🙂

That’s weird

It’s weird – why has an incomplete post titled 300 Followers! Suddenly appeared on my timeline and I’ve no idea from where.



It seems for some reason the blog got confused and posted 300 followers instead of the lunar landings post. Still weird.

Simon 😐

Manic Squared Monday

Today has been mental! So nuts I’ve inly had chance to write now. I remember what Alfie Doolittle said in My Fair Lady 

“Who wants to work – it takes up your whole life!”

This kind of resonates when you dont get a chance to breathe!

Still, theres a week ahead of oppurtunity and possibility. The last part of the kindness challenge is coming and its been interesting to reflect on this. I still have much to do after this challenge is over, because its never over!

I hope to get some more of my usual fun out and a little extra! So hang on guys… The week just started!

Simon 😊







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Planet Simon’s Manic Monday

What a start to the week, I can barely keep up with what’s going on! Maybe the busy weekend set me off on a run that I can’t keep up with. Anyway, to the blog – this week see’s the closing of the kindness challenge so then it’s going to be up to me alone to find something to entertain you with!

Shock! Horror! Oh no!!

Fear not – I’ll find ways to bore you, I just need a few minutes to write them! 😀

I’ve not go t much more to add apart from that, so tell me – what are you my faithful bloggies up to this week? Anything that I or everyone else should know about?

As with last week I thought I would do a little self promotion of my social empire that I’ve been building lately, come and have a look:







Planet Simon Tumblr Page

Have a great Monday and a great week!

Simon 🙂



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Planet Simon Maniacal Monday Musings

So this is another Monday – it’s baking hot here and glorious weather. I’ve finally kicked this flu, it’s taken about three weeks but I finally did it!

There’s not much to say about the last week, not much really happened, particularly on here, I’ve still got some posts idea I’m rattling through and more writing that I can shake a stick at. But hey – live it!

I thought I would do a little self promotion of my social empire that I’ve been building lately, come and have a look:







Planet Simon Tumblr Page

There’s more on the way for Planet Simon, hopefully soon. Watch this space and who know’s what will happen!

Have a great Monday and a great week!

Simon 🙂

My 1000th Blog Post!

Hi ya bloggies, after I publish this post, I’m likely to get a little badge telling me I’ve just posted my 1000th blog post. I’ll be posting this too, but that’s for later…

For now I want to celebrate Planet Simon and 1000 posts of thoughts, musings, humour, fiction and discovery. I hope you’ll enjoy this look through the archives and for my long time bloggies it may bring back some memories.



You all know of my love of science fiction and Fantasy and I’ve started writing my own, here are a few of the short stories I’ve written, some of which need finishing:

Dark Horizons:

A story about dark and sister happenings during the New Horizons Flyby of Pluto. There are secrets there that some on this world… and another, want to be kept hidden.

Featured Image -- 2972



Minecraft Steve

I’ve written a few stories on our block built crafter…




The Titan Mystery

My largest story written to date tells the story of a crew’s reconnaissance mission to a vast spacecraft. What they find is glimpse into the destiny of the human race… and their own fates.






Solar System Exploration

Last year I created a series around the planets and moons of the solar system, a look at how the planets have played a part in our lives, how they’ve inspired us and looking at the science around them.

Planet Simon Solar System Exploration




Moving back to the more fiction (but maybe not) side of things, an ongoing series of short posts based on an X Files format called the Sci Fi files. Taking the popular stories and conspiracy theories and putting in a story around it. Taking the facts from wherever I can find them…

Planet Simon - ScifiFiles1



Let’s not also forget the Sci Fi hub project which a few of you have signed up for:





Along with this there’s been fun with Numpty’z


I’ve even written about a few favourite Sci Fi films…



So if you’re a regular bloggie to my page or new, come along and have a look at what I’ve been up to for 1000 posts and stick around for the next 1000… and beyond!

Simon 🙂

Manic Monday – Planet Simon’s Week

So this is yet another manic Monday, there’s a whole seven days left until the next one come and that means there’s seven days to do things, seven days to change out lives or even change the world maybe?

Being a little more realistic with the week it’s been a bit slow on the blogging front, there hasn’t been much going on here this week apart from taking part in the first week of the kindness challenge:


Apart from the blogging world things are on the change, there’s anew job on the horizon and things seem to be looking up – don’t get me wrong it’s still manic but there’s some brightness on the horizon with this change!

Something I have learned recently is about the signposts of life, since September last year many things have been going wrong as if I had taken the wrong path and was being told it was wrong. In the last few weeks it’s been like so many green lights have been shining and I’m hoping this is a good sign fr things to come – we’ll see I guess.

I hope you can all keep up with this spinning planet, I hope you’ll follow the adventures!

Simon 🙂


Manic Monday – Planet Simon and the week ahead

I missed out my manic Monday last week as it was a bank holiday and I was otherwise getting up to tricks, but here’s a little bit to catch up on here. Planet Simon is always changing, moving about all over the place and trying news things. I have to say since Murphy’s Law has been kicked I’ve noticed so much more positivity in my life – it makes me think that the universe really is watching what we’re doing.

The new thing to start this week is the start of the Kindness Challenge, run by Niki of The Richness of a Simple life it going to be an interesting look at kindness and how I display it towards myself and others in my life.

Something subtle that you may not have noticed is that the Gallery link has now changed and takes you to my Flikr page, a bit more obvious is the link to my Wattpad account from my page. There’s not much there yet, bu that bring me onto the next thing…

The Titan Mystery is being re-written and re-published on Wattpad and will eventually end up as some kind of novella e-book (I hope). So watch this space – well that space!

There’s exciting things ahead and maybe even a bit more writing time ahead – more to come on this and hopefully this week!

Simon 🙂

Manic Monday – Planet Simon, the week ahead

So this week there are as always a few things going on. However, unlike other weeks there’s one or two things of importance that I can’t say much about now but let’s say things might be about to change a bit and who knows where that may lead me?

Last week I managed to do something I’ve been meaning to do for ages, I’ve got a few short stories that need writing up bringing into being. I’ve been meaning to put what I have on my Wattpad and I’ve finally done it. Talking about Wattpad I’ve put a link to my Wattpad on my home page – if your a Wattie (hey I couldn’t think of anything better) then go and follow me. There’s not a lot there yet but watch this space!

I’ve also reset my phone, this doesn’t sound big but when you have a phone that’s running slower the minds of most British politicians it gets annoying. So with much anxiety I backed up and reset – wow what a difference. If you ever need advice on it (I’m more and android guy, but I’ve had to reset Apples in the past) then pop me a comment or email (see contacts page).

There’s a bit of fun lined up this week on Planet Simon so enjoy!

Simon 🙂

Manic Monday – Planet Simon’s Week Ahead

Today is a public holiday which means one thing (for me at least) no work! If you’re one of the hard working people that have to work today, big respect to you! I hope the day is kind to you. 😊

Things are frantic, chaotic and erratic in my life right now. In always every way there are rough seas. In the last week things at work have become darker and less inspiring. What I’m going to do about this I’m not sure but it’s made me think about the character of those I work for.

Finding time for writing is nearly impossible but on the good side this month’s magazine is all but complete and should be out in a few days. June is next so I had better get started!!

So far this year isn’t panning out like I hoped it would and I’m wondering why, hoping that it improves and soon. I’m hoping for and moving towards change. Something has to soon right?

Simon 😊