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Manic Monday – Planet Simon’s Week Ahead

Today is a public holiday which means one thing (for me at least) no work! If you’re one of the hard working people that have to work today, big respect to you! I hope the day is kind to you. 😊

Things are frantic, chaotic and erratic in my life right now. In always every way there are rough seas. In the last week things at work have become darker and less inspiring. What I’m going to do about this I’m not sure but it’s made me think about the character of those I work for.

Finding time for writing is nearly impossible but on the good side this month’s magazine is all but complete and should be out in a few days. June is next so I had better get started!!

So far this year isn’t panning out like I hoped it would and I’m wondering why, hoping that it improves and soon. I’m hoping for and moving towards change. Something has to soon right?

Simon 😊

Murphy’s Law – Lunch Prep

Murphy’s law of probability or sod’s law is summarised by the saying “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” This is a new little series intended to be a numerous and light hearted look at the world of cock up. More often than anything it’s the small things in life that stress us out, I know this is the case with me. This is a kind of reverse psychology look at the fact that when things go wrong – it ain’t that bad really.


Making lunch in the morning before work is such a drag. One night you find yourself being prepared and making it early the night before, the feeling of happiness you feel from this enables you to sleep well.

In the morning your happiness vanishes in an instant when the lunch you prepared is no longer where you left it.its nowhere – it’s gone. Signs in the rubbish bin indicate that a servant of Murphy has decided you lunch would make a great late night feast.

You scream. Murphy’s Law has struck. Again.

What’s you view on Murphy’s Law, how has it struck you in the past… I hope you my fellow bloggies enjoy this little featurette.

Simon 🙂

The Stormy Path

Looking ahead the road is long, dark and I can’t see far ahead. All kinds of traps must wait. Storms flash so far away I can see where they must hit. 

I must travel this path, it isn’t clear, no one knows what will happen,  but I must travel it anyway it’s the path I’ve chosen and while I can see the darkness and storms, I can’t see beyond. Past this darkness may be clear skies and bright sun. 

I will not know for sure, unless I travel this road… 

Simon 🙂

I did it!!!!!


The power of our own future really is in our mind, I wavered yesterday – I almost didn’t do it!

Then today I though -Fuck it! I got the letter and I handed it to my boss – I resigned. Now the path for my future is possibly clearer. We will see, it might not be bright or orange or any other colour, rosy or bleak. But I’ve actually changed something and I can work with this and maybe make a difference in my life for the better.

Watch this space…

Simon 🙂



What do I do? (A Rhetorical Question)

As many of you know – I’m an engineer. I design pretty patterns on a computer connecting up electronic components in weird an wonderful ways and get to call myself a PCB Design Engineer (or variations thereof). A few of you know what a while back I was offered a good job with slightly better pay, better benefits and the prospect of advancing my career. But guess what – I turned it down.

Why the heel did you do that? I can hear the cries from you now. I know, I know… I don’t know why I did. It just didn’t feel right. Perhaps because of the projects I had going on I couldn’t just drop, I didn’t feel it was fair.

The company said to me that if I changed my mind I should get in touch. I find myself thinking now ids the time to revisit this. With the projects over and things are pretty boring it seems like the right time. I’m looking at not doing much – if any exciting stuff over the next few months so what’s stopping me?.

I’ve been thinking about it for weeks, going over in my mind the pro’s and con’s and as always this job potentially can lead to much better things. It sounds easy – but why isn’t it?

Simon 🙂

Wishing upon a shooting star

If I sit outside tonight and stare hard. Will a shooting star pass by and give me that bit of hope?

If I make a wish upon that star will it hear my cry in the dark? Will it know what to do and grant me hope for simple happiness, nothing complex, or mad or extravagant. Just a simple plea to life to stop it relentless charge and let me gather my strength with some time and happiness.

Ill ask it nicely, with a cherry on top if it likes. But will it know to hear and will it listen?

I guess I just have to seek and ask if it comes my way… then hope.


Eternally Spinning through the Cosmos



Whatever happens today or any other day – remember that whatever we do here the Earth keeps spinning. Round the sun, spinning on it’s axis, days come and go years pass and the Earth keeps spinning.

ESA - Europe at Night1

Life is so short – the Earth in comparison is eternal it was here when we were born and it’s more than likely going to still be here when we die. This cradle of life will keep going eons after we pass – whatever we do.

Simon 🙂

On calm waters


I close my eyes and dare to imagine

Letting the chaos of the day melt away

Imagining a boat on a sea far away

The cool and quiet of the setting sun and the wind so gentle filling our sails on reach.

The lapping water, the sails waving gently with creaking timbers the only disturbance.

Where is this life now, what point is the chaos without this to rest my weary soul?

Simon 🙂