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Manic Monday on Planet Simon

Here we are… Another Monday! Where does the time go?

There’s not been a great dream going on here this week but there’s lots to come. I missed week 2 of the kindness challenge. With things as mad at home as they were I had no chance, but I’m hoping to write werk 2 and 3 at the end of this week… We’ll see eh?

Planet Simon also has a special milestone coming. Not to say too much about it but it’s big and I’m going to mark it in a special way. Watch out… You may be included!

Next is that Planet Simon now has a Tumblr page: Planet Simon Tumblr Page

This is so I can spread a bit of awesome even further!

Apart from that I’m around and about… See you out there! Watch out for the big one don’t forget!

Simon šŸ˜Š

Manic Monday – Planet Simon’s Week Ahead

Today is a public holiday which means one thing (for me at least) no work! If you’re one of the hard working people that have to work today, big respect to you! I hope the day is kind to you. šŸ˜Š

Things are frantic, chaotic and erratic in my life right now. In always every way there are rough seas. In the last week things at work have become darker and less inspiring. What I’m going to do about this I’m not sure but it’s made me think about the character of those I work for.

Finding time for writing is nearly impossible but on the good side this month’s magazine is all but complete and should be out in a few days. June is next so I had better get started!!

So far this year isn’t panning out like I hoped it would and I’m wondering why, hoping that it improves and soon. I’m hoping for and moving towards change. Something has to soon right?

Simon šŸ˜Š