Manic Monday – Planet Simon and the week ahead

I missed out my manic Monday last week as it was a bank holiday and I was otherwise getting up to tricks, but here's a little bit to catch up on here. Planet Simon is always changing, moving about all over the place and trying news things. I have to say since Murphy's Law has … Continue reading Manic Monday – Planet Simon and the week ahead



The nominations for the bloggers bash are now open! The bloggers bash is not far away and there's loads of categories that need bloggers names against them so get thinking and get nominating! Simon 🙂 P.S. Thanks to Sacha and the committe for all the hard work they're putting into this!    

Manic Monday – Planet Simon’s Week Ahead

Today is a public holiday which means one thing (for me at least) no work! If you're one of the hard working people that have to work today, big respect to you! I hope the day is kind to you. 😊 Things are frantic, chaotic and erratic in my life right now. In always every … Continue reading Manic Monday – Planet Simon’s Week Ahead

Expansion of my social Empire

Something I've been pondering over for ages is how and where to move Planet Simon out to a larger audience. My big deal about is I don't have the time to run loads of social media sites and to be honest I have no will to either as I spend too much time in front … Continue reading Expansion of my social Empire

Blogging life – how it changes

Ive been thinking a bit about how life changes, nothing ever stays the same. I then was thinking about how this applies to my blogging life. When I got started I followed loads of blogs, I made sure I got to know all the bloggers that followed me back and certainly the ones that responded … Continue reading Blogging life – how it changes