On my trip home the other week I also got to go to Portsdown hill. From here there’s an amazing view all over Portsmouth, the Spinnaker tower is easily visible and I’ve always loved this view – even as a child.


This time I took a few snaps..


They’re not great – but they’re ok.


What a view!


Simon 🙂

23 thoughts on “Where my feet have been – Portsdown Hill

  1. It’s beautiful…..this is probably my favorite thing you do on your blog. I just like seeing where your feet have been seeing as I’ll never get there. It’s as if we’re right there with you. It’s always interesting to see where you’ve been 🙂

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  2. Hey Simon, Sorcerygod here. Just accepted your invite to the Universe-of-Possibilities. In case you want to contact me, my email is:


    You can exchange emails with me there, if you so choose. If not — if you value your privacy — that’s okay, though I’ll redact any commentary from you on my site to keep your identity private, again if you like.

    I have a science fiction poem and a science fiction short story already on my site. I’ll think about writing something new. Don’t forget to keep in touch with us contributors! I was almost about to give up on your leadership. DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN.

    Remember, to us you’re a quiet voice in the ether.

    We need you to roar. ~ S*Gd


      1. If I remember right, there is a Mexican restaurant at the Spinnaker Tower. And a shoe store. I had to get a new pair of shoes for my youngest one because they were filled with water until we arrived there… lol

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