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Where my feet have been – My Home Town

Just recently I had the lucky chance to visit the town where I grew up. It’s the one thing I have in common with Tim Peake as we grew up in the same part of the world – apparently.

One of the things I love about going back to my home town is being near the sea and the shores that are still so familiar to me.




The chance to enjoy this with a little crabbing is too good to pass up and it means a bit of quiet time with just the waves and fortunately a bit of sun.

This pontoon is great for getting much further out into the sea – some of the crabs were pretty big and most of them wanted a bite of stinky bacon.

I miss the sea…

Simon 🙂

Where my feet have been – A Radio Telescope Array


Having just moved to another work building (which is even more in the sticks) I took my usual walk about and I have to warn you now that the lifespan of my brain might be a bit reduced because I discovered that we’re surrounded by radio telescopes. In every direction!

For some reason I find these strangely fascinating and have taken just a few pics to share:


Simon 🙂

Where my feet have been – A Quiet Place

I love finding new places, near work there is a quiet little place where there are lots of young trees and a few benches. This is going to be a great place to get some peace in a lunch break.


Yes… my shoes are a bit smarter than my usual trainers.


It will be nice to see this place in Spring, I could spend a long time here enjoying the peace and quiet.

Simon 🙂

Where My feet have been – Roller Skating


This weekend was a busy, fun and painful weekend. On Sunday I had the joy of going roller skating for the second time ever in my life. Imagine an over sized lump of a guy trying to get around the rink on skates and you’re about there.

I did pretty well as it turns out, but I fell flat on my back avoiding someone and that was it. I had had enough! It’s pretty painful and it’s a hard floor. I had fun and will do it again – but I need to remember my limits! 😀

What did you guys get up to over the weekend?

Simon 🙂

Where my feet have been -A Lake with a duck


I want to stress now – this is NOT totday! Today it is hissing down with rain. I like the rain, but I wouldn’t sit on the grass in the rain! 😀

Last week I sat under a Willow by the lake near work and was just quiet for a few minutes. A white duck was doing it’s thing finding something to eat and qucking away while I looked at the umbrella that was the willow covering myself and the ground beneath. I wish I could have sat here all day!

Simon 🙂

Where my feet have been – The Tree Stump


I love trees, they have so much history around them, especially something like an old Oak or Horse Chestnut. This is the stump of a Horse Chestnut, cut down for some reason or other. I loved looking at the age lines, asn it looks like at some point a fire has been lit near it.

It doesn’t look that old (as such) but it was a great tree and this post is also a bit in honour of that tree and all it ever sawy happen around it.


Simon 🙂

Where my feet have been – A BMX Park


As part of something I’ve wanted to do for a while and I have occasionally slipped in I’m going to be taking a picture of where my feet have been. This weekend I was visiting a friend and just across the road was a BMX track cut into the ground.

This used to be a landfill site years ago, but it’s been covered over and is being used as common ground.

It was fun waching all of the bikes flying round the track – I wish I had taken my bike!

Look out for where my feet have been in future posts!

Simon 🙂