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Where my Feet have been – Abby Ruins


The weekend weather was amazing! Visiting the Abby ruins near where I live is always interesting, normally it’s a place where children can play hide and seek or people can relax and chill out in peace.


The irony of this is the dark and violent history surrounding these ruins, peasant uprisings, power struggles, blood shed and the such. The evidence of this is only in the ruins, the Abby destroyed on one the many conflicts around this pace and time.


But here also there is history, the start of the Magna Carter and the names of Barons sent to deliver this act to King John.


This place was important, things happened here and because of this it was destroyed. Now only ruins remain and among them there are features like stairs, ornaments and shapes, made so long ago and destroyed.

Now it’s just a place to play and chill.


Simon 🙂


Where my feet have been – Karting Track

One place that’s always interesting to go to is the karting track, even if it’s just to watch. You see all the other driving around like lunatics trying to outrace each other and getting into all kinds of scrapes.

It’s good fun!



This time I wasn’t taking part, I was merely watching….


The marshals earned their pay on this one – the’re wasn’t a dull lap in sight!


People were flying all over the place


But at some point the race has to end – then I was watching my son and few others going out to have go… more sedate but always a good bit of fun!

That’s where my feet were this weekend! Where were yours?

Simon 🙂

Where my feet have been – My Home Town

Just recently I had the lucky chance to visit the town where I grew up. It’s the one thing I have in common with Tim Peake as we grew up in the same part of the world – apparently.

One of the things I love about going back to my home town is being near the sea and the shores that are still so familiar to me.




The chance to enjoy this with a little crabbing is too good to pass up and it means a bit of quiet time with just the waves and fortunately a bit of sun.

This pontoon is great for getting much further out into the sea – some of the crabs were pretty big and most of them wanted a bite of stinky bacon.

I miss the sea…

Simon 🙂

Where my feet have been – A Radio Telescope Array


Having just moved to another work building (which is even more in the sticks) I took my usual walk about and I have to warn you now that the lifespan of my brain might be a bit reduced because I discovered that we’re surrounded by radio telescopes. In every direction!

For some reason I find these strangely fascinating and have taken just a few pics to share:


Simon 🙂

Where My feet have been – Roller Skating


This weekend was a busy, fun and painful weekend. On Sunday I had the joy of going roller skating for the second time ever in my life. Imagine an over sized lump of a guy trying to get around the rink on skates and you’re about there.

I did pretty well as it turns out, but I fell flat on my back avoiding someone and that was it. I had had enough! It’s pretty painful and it’s a hard floor. I had fun and will do it again – but I need to remember my limits! 😀

What did you guys get up to over the weekend?

Simon 🙂

Where my feet have been -A Lake with a duck


I want to stress now – this is NOT totday! Today it is hissing down with rain. I like the rain, but I wouldn’t sit on the grass in the rain! 😀

Last week I sat under a Willow by the lake near work and was just quiet for a few minutes. A white duck was doing it’s thing finding something to eat and qucking away while I looked at the umbrella that was the willow covering myself and the ground beneath. I wish I could have sat here all day!

Simon 🙂