Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup

It’s been an exhausting week and all I’ve wanted to do is sleep. But I’m excited too because tomorrow is the bloggers bash and there are a number of you that I will be meeting to have a bit of fun with and I can’t wait!

Simon 12


But what’s been going on this week on Planet Simon?


My Posts

I’ve not had much time this week, so the posts from me have been thin – but Ive ben exploring perspectives, technology and a verse given to me by a blogger that blew my mind away.

Also there was a rather cool music and words award!

Perspectives in life

But for man…

Technology – Chromecast

Music & Words Award


I also didn’t get around to the next part of the Titan Mystery – but I did post s SciFi files on my universeofpossibility site.

SciFi Files – Underground Cities




I’ve not written my regular piece on the solar system, but I have taken some piece from NASA and ESA to keep the spaceship running as it were!

ESA – A Week in Pictures

The Solar System – Things to know this week

ISS: Air and Space Science


Minion Thoughts


A little smattering of minion thoughts on sunglasses and adulthood brought a few smiles to you all I think!

Minion Thoughts – Sunglasses

Minion Thoughts – Adulthood

Other Bloggers / Posts

My bloggie friend Lucy writes a weekly diary extract from Tina – her character from a book club story she started a while back. I thought this weeks was very good (as always) so I’m giving it the top slot here:

Tina’s Writer Life


This post also blew me away from Tania Marie’s blog. A whole bunch of pictures of Colorado, what an amazing and beautiful place – I had to share this too!

Goodbye for now to Colorado

That’s it for this week, maybe next week I’ll be able to post more. See you then and all those coming to the bash – see you there!

Simon 🙂

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      1. I wish, LOL, but that’s not likely to happen. Too much going on. I just meant in the future. And I will definitely be planning way ahead of time 🙂

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