While attending the bloggers bash on Saturday our guest Lucas told us about a function on WordPress called ‘Press This’

It was suggested that this could be used an alternative to the re-blog. I’m trying it out now on this post and I have to say it’s very useful – particularly if you want to post something from the internet or a part of it. It’s got more features than the reblog and you don’t need to be in WordPress to use it either – it’s pretty neat!

Have a look at the instructions on how to use it – it’s easy to set up!

via Press This — Support — WordPress.com

Simon 🙂

28 thoughts on “WordPress ‘Press This’

  1. will give this a press hahaha (sounded cooler in my head)
    have you used this feature, I have used the reblog function for my guest posts, a couple of times but it seems more like a redirect tool…


    1. The press this tool is pretty cool – it allows you to use any web page or blog post or part of it and blog it on your site. You can add categories, tags etc like you’re making your own post. It’s a different and useful way of doing it.

      A reblog literally that – it’s less customised let’s say.

      Have a go with Press This – see what you think.

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  2. Hi All – I am using Google Chrome as my browser on Windows 10 – I had to go to Chrome Web Store and grab the free Word Press It App – as the wp instructions to drag the ‘press It’ button to favourites bar simply copies a link to your WP Settings page rather than the Press It option.
    hope that is helpful to others. 🙂

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    1. Well I had to – being the geek I am and after the talk we had I had to see what it was about!
      I hope you had a good trip back and are having a great Monday! 🙂

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