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The Original Chromecast Device

Back in 2013 I heard about a device from Google that was totally unexpected and changed the way we stream online TV and entertainment. The device was the Chromecast and it’s a dongle type device that plugs into the back of the HDMI socket of your TV, from this you can control what you watch from any mobile device, tablet or laptop.

At first this was released in the states, but in 2014 I got my hands on one and even thought the technology was just starting out I was amazed! At the time smart TV’s were just coming out, this £30 device was able to give your TV 80% of what it needed to be a smart TV, Netflix, YouTube, Chrome web browser – all controllable from your phone, tablet or laptop. I also thing it looks pretty smart too!


image credit: Google Store

All you did was plug it into an HDMI socket on your TV, connect the power either from USB on the TV or the supplied power supply. Then you needed the Chromecast app on your device, name the Chromecast, wait for updates and BAM! You’re going!

With the device you are also given an HDMI cable extender, a power supply and a nice box to throw away in the recycling bin. This was something that the engineer’s and marketing people thought a lot about and the beauty and simplicity of the product reflects this. With that the ease of operation is something that surprised me,. Ok, being the impatient man I am I couldn’t see why I had to wait 10 minutes to download updates, but it’s not a big problem.


Image Credit:

The last thing I liked was the vast array of images the device displays when it’s on standby – I often left the device running just for the pictures – they were great! But I seem to be in the minority on this as many didn’t like it and I think they’ve ditched this in the new device in favour of the users gallery.

Taking about the new device – here it is:

Credit: Google

It came out last yet and I’ve yet to try this – when I do I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!

Simon 🙂

Images given credit where necessary – Ownership only claimed on first picture.



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