A Galaxy of Stars

A few weeks ago the sky was clearer than I’ve seen it for a long time and after seeing the success of someone else taking a picture with my same camrea I thought I would try the same settings and give it a go.

The big variable with taking astrophotography pictures is the quality of the night sky. Even though it’s quite dark where I am, there’s still a lot of light pollution.

I went for a 25 second exposure at an ISO of 6400 and I got this:

There really isn’t much there but it’s possible to make out something, this means there’s data to work with. When I put this image (there were others too) through post processing I wasn’t getting much luck. Even with Youtube video’s it took ages to get anything – There’s simply too much noise from light pollution and from the high speed (ISO) used when taking the picture.

After much persisting and messing about with curves and light levels I did manage to get something… This is the result.

The Milky Way – Taken by Simon Farnell

I also got these but I feet the’re quite flat, like they’re over processed.

I even created a video from it that I posted to Instrgram… for anyone that’s interested.

All in all I think there’s a few things I need to learn:

1) When a properly dark and clear night comes about is to be ready and find a place to go.

2) To use my polar tracker so I can take longer exposures.

3) Take more pictures so I can stack them.

4) Learn to use an image stacker.

5) Practice my post processing.

Basically it’s everything… With Autumn coming and the prospect of less clear skies there might be some issues with all this – watch this space!

Β© Simon Farnell 2013 – 2022

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20 thoughts on “A Galaxy of Stars

  1. Oh those are beautiful shots my friend. So this is ironic, my new job is funded by NASA for research of sustainable, life saving inventions for space exploration. As well as space exploration engineering for use on research missions for say, lunar rovers. One of our partners is Virgin Galactic. I hope your doing well and staying safe πŸ’œπŸ‘πŸ˜.

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