Halloween – The Ghost Called Bob #6

After three years of my little Halloween stories – I thought Bob’s story should carry on! Bob got up to more tricks in year two more frolics in year three , he was back again in 2018 and for even more back in 2019 but he kept away for Covid as he was afraid he might get too ill (ghosts eh – weird) but this year he’s back!

The night draw in once more leaves carpet the floor as the trees surrnder their summer blankets. Branches break the moonlight like bones of dried up claws or the tentacles of some unspeakble beast. The day is here where the undead take the night and make it their own… for whatever reason they choose. For years now the tales told of that night have brought a chill to those who have seen and belive, but still this does not deterr and some still seek them out.

A young lady stares up into the night, her breath a fog in the lights ahead, seeking her friends that on this one night they appear. The sound of laughter and playful shrieking permeates the night air, not a hint of mischief yet does she hear. Up the next path where the jack o lanterns glow ony a car racing through disturbs her thought that it should be going slow.

As lucy packs her gains from the latest haunt, she hears a sound that makes her smile. Screeching tires and crunching metal she knows that the young driver has been caught with a start and that the michief has begun. Holding her witches hat Lucy rushes up the road and is greeting by the sight of a trembling quarted. With cries of “Did you see his head?” and other complaints, Lucy knows shes in the right place.

The tick or treaters pass by, pointing their fingers and making their fun. Finding a dark alley Lucy waits, she knows full well they use this place. As she peers down two pairs of red eyes stare back and out from the dark Bob and Mary come. Each showing the flower she gave them last she saw them, Bob’s in his hat and May’s poked into her dress. They had lost their colour from when they were picked, but even these ghouls treasure the gift they were given.

Bob and Mary embrace their friend, seeing clearly she is growing taller still. The three some venture into the night, Lucy striding confidently as the ghouls have their fun. Bob strugged his shoulders when Lucy asked about the car, but a wicked grin gave all the answer she needed.

Out of drain Mary came, scaring a group of boys as they chased some yonger to increase their gain. Apple bobbing across the road gave the children a fun little time, but the laughter turned to screams as Bob emerged from the barrel with an apple in his teeth. As the children fled Bob gave a chuckle and Lucy frowned with her hands on her hips.Hiding in a pumpkin each of the ghouls gave many a fright and on the trick gilloutine Bob played his party trick as the blade fell from top, picking up his head he gave a smile as those gathered looked on with faces white.

With laughter the three of them left, making their way from the town. Soon the noise died behind and still they walked until they reached their hallowed shrine. All kinds of scary made their way around and Bob and Mary showed Lucy around. Late the hour came and still Lucy stayed, Bob abd Mary her great old friends.

They sat and watched to the east where soon from now light would come. Fighting her sleep Lucy wavered, soon it would be time and for another year Bob and Mary would sleep. She smiled at her friends and they smiled back warmly as Lucy offered them both a pumpkin pin.

The two of them pinned them onto their clothes so old, when they looked down their Lucy was sound. Both looking at each other they nodded and carried off their friend back to town.

When Lucy woke day was back and in her bed she slept with witches clothes and shoes so damp. Smiling as she rubbed her eyes the sun was bright and the night was gone. The wait would be long, but she knew too well that in a year, Bob and Mary would be back again.

© Simon Farnell 2013 – 2023

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