Halloween – The Ghost Called Bob #2

After last years little Halloween story – I thought Bob’s story should carry on!


It’s at this time of year when the nights draw in, the swirling mist leaks around the village and when the children go to the front door of anyone with decorations or a pumpkin that the story of Bob is remembered. No one will speak his name in a voice louder than a whisper for fear of awaking him. The children who go around trick or treating in their skeleton and ghost costumes watch in the dark corners, not daring to mention his name and hoping not to find him. It’s said Bob wears a pointed hat with a rope around his neck. Some have said he leaves a trail of blood where he walks and that he preys on the stray or lonely children.


Bob looked on as he did every year, but this year was different! Mary would join him just as agreed in the dark alley between the garage and the Co-op. The children didn’t come down here often and it was quiet. Still annoyed with the rope around his neck, tugging and tugging he never noticed Mary sneaking up on him. Bob smiled when Mary appeared, for a moment they thought about what they could do and hatched a masterly plan.


A crowd of children approached and the watched and waited. Mary appeared in front of them, screaming the children had nowhere to go except down the dark alley. They had nearly reached the end when Bob appeared from out of the drain, scaring them back down the alleyway.

Gleeful at their plan, Bob and Mary both giggled and chuckled in their ghostly way. Until they heard a third little voice, giggling away. They both looked down and to their surprise they saw a little girl of not more than five, laughing away and crying again!

Confused and baffled both the spirits looked at each other and both agreed this had never happened before! They shrugged and and asked the child who she was and why she was laughing. She stopped laughing and told them her name was Lucy and she had wanted to meet Bob and Mary. Her big brother had told her about the their spooky games when the dark day came and the children ventured out to trick or treat.

They asked her where her brother is now, she shrugged and said she didn’t know. They walked down the dark alley way and helped her brother shouting her name from far away. Keeping out of sight they followed her until her brother saw her and rushed to get her. He shouted at her telling her how he would get in trouble if he lost his little sister and didn’t stay close.

Bob and Mary picked their time and appeared to send a chill down the boy’s spine. Dropping his haul of sweets he ran screaming leaving his sister behind (again). Lucy picked up the sweets and put them in her bag, and made her way home with her sweetie swag. She agreed to see the ghosts neat year and share some more spooky cheer. The two watched as the little girl ran, back to her home as fast as she can.

Soon the children were all gone, Bob and Mary shared the night again and didn’t stop until the morning had nearly come. They went back to their graves and settled back down for another year. Hoping that that next year was going to be even more fun.

Copyright 2016 Simon Farnell

No ownership claimed to image – Image courtesy of google.


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