Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup

It’s that time of week when the weekly roundup is needed. I’ve been up against it a bit for a few weeks and I’m starting to feel it.

Simon 5

But it’s been exciting too! I’ve not manged to write much this last few weeks and to be honest after the way things have been going over here in the UK I’ve not been in the right frame of mind to write.

So I’ve been spending a bit of time re-hashing my blog. after asking you all for advice yesterday in:

All Bloggers! I need your Input!

I’ve moved my blogs over to Planet Simon now, so universe of possibilities is still about but I’ll be posting all my blogs, stories and everything from here now! The site has been given a new fresh look too!

planet simon new page


In the meantime this is a list of the weeks posts.


My latest piece on Solar System exploration led us all to the asteroid belt and shedding some light on a mysterious part of our little corner of the universe.

Solar System Exploration – Asteroid Belt and Ceres



As I wasn’t in the mood this week – I was trying to cheer us all up with a bit of light hearted awesomeness:

Where My feet have been – Roller Skating

Legoland – For the Child and Geek Within

The ultimate Star Wars geek show at Legoland



The minions as always provide us with some witty wisdom…


Minion Thoughts – Dealing with assholes

Minion Thoughts -Weird and Wonderful People


With crazy cats doing crazy things following on…

Damn this cat is fast!

Cat like reflexes – Friday Funny


Hopefully things will get back to normal and I can get some more time to write and put some of my favourite posts of the week at the end. But Thank to all of you for being here, interacting, liking, commenting you’re all great! Have an amazing weekend!

Simon 🙂


16 thoughts on “Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup”

  1. I’d really love a chance to go to a Legoland. It’d be so fun! And of course, right after I leave Japan, they announce they’re opening one there. 😦 Ho hum. But your blog is looking great! Didn;t see it before, but this theme works well. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, but it won’t be open for ages I imagine. Where in the world are you now? Do they have one? Its group we at fun, all ages love it.
      Thanks for the comment on the theme, I think it works better too! 😃
      Its been good chatting, I’ve been meaning to catch you for a few days, I like your blog I’ll be keeping up with you! 😃

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m in Vancouver now. 🙂 They have a couple of theme parks but no Lego. Ah well. And thank you, I’ll be doing the same!

        Liked by 1 person

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