Legoland – For the Child and Geek Within

A little while ago I had a little trip to a fantasy land call Legoland! I can’t imagine how a place could not inspire the inner child in everyone. Where there are normally wild animals, there are Lego animals, Lego buildings Lego Villages. There really is something for everyone.

I’m not a great one for rides, so I wasn’t too bothered when the waiting times for the rides was so long. If anything that was the biggest damper on the day (apart from the rain)! Also, when you get in after paying many arms and legs they still want more money from you, but you can’t help notice the skill and effort that’s gone into all the creation of Lego structures.

From Dragons…


The the Lego village with all it’s mechanised railways and boats…


The NASA space centre..


And a good old fashioned dinosaur!


Everything moves… even this menacing spider!


It was great to see how it had changed as I haven’t been there for years! The best thing is I’m not done with Legoland yet – A post of some of the most impressive Lego models I’ve ever seen is coming in it’s own post!

Simon 🙂

All pictures my own.

39 thoughts on “Legoland – For the Child and Geek Within

  1. Didn’t realise there was a Legoland in England. I’ve only been to the original in Billund, Denmark. It’s where I met one of my exes… He worked there and took me back the next year for the end of season celebrations – got to stand atop a castle where it was employee-only to watch the fireworks… pretty neat except I’m afraid of fireworks!! 😳 anyway it was a looong time ago – I was still impressed by it all though. Amazing skills to build such things

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      1. Reply, no I didn’t. I’ll have to check it out, I only stumbled upon it as I’m currently writing a blog on Lego so I wanted to see what people were talking about 🙂

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      2. Well if you’re after that there’s a film I saw at Lego land of the creators of a Death Star scene that is immense and really cool – I can’t believe it’s not on You Tube.
        It’s good to know mine was at the top! 🙂

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      1. But then there comes a time when they are no kids anymore and they love to go again… haha! But we have other themeparks around wth more attractions they like. So themeparks in general are always welcomed… haha!

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      1. Yeah, I couldn’t have predicted that one. This one has the model village of the 80s and built it from there. Rides for smaller kids and more model based

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