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10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Google Drive Master

Google Drive

I love Google’s Drive product, with your google account you get 15Gb straight off to store all kinds of digital junk and it’s easy to share with email, blogs, twitter and everything.

But what else can it do? There’s some pretty cool stuff that Drive can do that I didn’t know about. Read about it:

via 10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Google Drive Master

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Legoland – For the Child and Geek Within

A little while ago I had a little trip to a fantasy land call Legoland! I can’t imagine how a place could not inspire the inner child in everyone. Where there are normally wild animals, there are Lego animals, Lego buildings Lego Villages. There really is something for everyone.

I’m not a great one for rides, so I wasn’t too bothered when the waiting times for the rides was so long. If anything that was the biggest damper on the day (apart from the rain)! Also, when you get in after paying many arms and legs they still want more money from you, but you can’t help notice the skill and effort that’s gone into all the creation of Lego structures.

From Dragons…


The the Lego village with all it’s mechanised railways and boats…


The NASA space centre..


And a good old fashioned dinosaur!


Everything moves… even this menacing spider!


It was great to see how it had changed as I haven’t been there for years! The best thing is I’m not done with Legoland yet – A post of some of the most impressive Lego models I’ve ever seen is coming in it’s own post!

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