Fidget Gadgets

For a few months now there has been a craze gripping the kinds here in the UK and I think all over the world.

Fidget Spinners.


These small gadgets are basically a spinney thing that you hold in the centre hub and spin. These things come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and colours and kids can’t get enough of them and they do all kinds of strange things with them. They try and spin them on their nose, one fingered and any other tricks you might be able to think of!

I’m told constantly that this was invented by a 14 year old boy, all I can say is that if this is true this 14 year old boy might never have to work a day in his life! Lucky blighter!

The best thing we did was to use a jet washer to spin my son’s spinner and boy did that sucker spin! It was so fast it sounded like a whizzing turbo and the spinning created a suction that kept it stuck the the surface it was on.

Apart from silly trick, what are these things for? Very simply, as the same implies it’s to fidget or fiddle with. Something for an overactive mind to do while bored and it has been said that these help children with attention deficit issues. But fore the most part these things are unsurprising banned at school!



Move on a couple of months and there’s a TV advert for something else fidgety – I present the fidget cube:


On every surface there’s a little fiddly function to play with. Judging from the response from kids it holds some interest, but not as much as the spinner. But this nonetheless has given rise to all kinds of widgety fiddly things cropping up.

The only thing I can think of saying is… How do these silly, nearly useless things like loom bands of fidget spinners capture kind imagination, no one can predict these thing! What is the world coming to???

Is it me?

Simon 🙂

16 thoughts on “Fidget Gadgets

  1. Oh wow, these things! This is the yo-yos of my childhood all over again. I guess kids just like keeping their hands busy… And fidget spinners sure beat “I was bored, so I took apart all your favourite things to see what they were made from” 😉

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  2. I wasn’t sure what to make of these things until I actually tried one. They have a sort of gyroscopic stability thing going on. It’s kind of neat to feel them stabilize themselves as they spin. And hey, maybe this’ll help kids start learning about physics.

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  3. I don’t understand how some of these things get so popular! My kids each have about 20 spinners… all different kinds… and they have a couple of cubes, too. I admit that even I have a spinner. It is kind of relaxing to just sit there and play with it. (The spinner,I mean! 😛) But the whole phenomenon is out of control! (And I wish I invented the damn thing!)

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