Wishing upon a shooting star

If I sit outside tonight and stare hard. Will a shooting star pass by and give me that bit of hope?

If I make a wish upon that star will it hear my cry in the dark? Will it know what to do and grant me hope for simple happiness, nothing complex, or mad or extravagant. Just a simple plea to life to stop it relentless charge and let me gather my strength with some time and happiness.

Ill ask it nicely, with a cherry on top if it likes. But will it know to hear and will it listen?

I guess I just have to seek and ask if it comes my way… then hope.



52 thoughts on “Wishing upon a shooting star”

      1. Yep, not a lot of time left during the days at the moment. As soon as I come home in the early afternoon I have to catch up with things at home or prepare for the next day(s). But it is ok. I am happy I have that job and I love to work in the mornings!

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  1. You need to come camping with me Simon! Some nights I’ve sat outside by a campfire gazing up into the dark night sky and a shooting star has absolutely dazzled me. Fleeting but oh so special. My wishes may not always come true but when you see a star it makes you believe anything is possible. πŸ™‚
    May all your hopes and wishes come true.

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    1. Thanks Miriam, I love camping and would love to see the stars out there in the middle of the bush – they must be spectaular – I’ll have to make sure none of your deadly creatures creeps into my sleeping bag eh?

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      1. A swag is like an open sleeping bag, but you can make it up like a bed inside with your own doona and blankets etc. It has an inbuilt mattress, it’s fully insulated and most of them have covers over them with a mesh window opening so you can lie in there and look up at the stars whilst still being fully enclosed. Phew, that was long. Hope that makes sense.

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      2. Of course he was cool. Still is, even in his old age. I loved all his slapstick comedy. I just meant the impression Hoges gave of how we lived. But of course most people would realise we’re not all like that! Fortunately or unfortunately, whichever way you want to look at it.

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