Minecraft Steve and the Lost City – Part 1

It had been some time since Steve had been exploring on his own since Mike had turned up, but Steve had the opportunity since Mike had accidentally taken some poisionus potion, he thought he had made an invincibilty potion. Steve thought he shouldn’t have swapped the Golden apple for the spider eyeball.Mike was going to to be ill for a little while, so he left him in peace, took his diamond sword and other diamond tools and went out into the unkown.

Steve went exploring near the sea, looking for caves or anything else different or unusual. The normal holes in the ground that often appear were there, but Steve had spent a lot of time underground as wanted to explore something different. As he rounded a corner he spied an island he hadn’t seen before. He wasn’t sure, but even from where he was there was something he thought he could see that attracted him to it.

Getting out his diamond axe he chopped away at a tree and soon he had some planks and sticks to make a boat. In short time Steve was making his way over to the island. Luckily it wasn’t too far away. We he got there he climbed the island walls and was over the top. He soon relaised that some people had been here before. There was an old village, but no villagers, there was noone about. They had taken most of their stash too, nothing of value or use was left. He walked around some more and then noticed bubbling lava in a hole. This was dammed with a gate and a channel led away. Following the channel Steve had no idea what was going on, this seemed an unusual thing to create.

Soon he met with what appeared to be a cave, it was only small but dark. A crooked old sign with unreadable scriblings on was at the side. When Steve looked up he could see now what it was, a big old building hidden with plants and vines. This was the entrance to some old bulding, left for who knows how long. Steve wanted to explore the cave, but it was too dark, so drawing his tools he chopped wood and mined stone. he made a crafting table and a furnace and place them side by side. Steve made sticks and charcoal and soon had a good number of torches he could use to help him explore the building.

walking towards the doorway Steve stepped in and instantly dropped into darkness on the floor. It was quite a drop and he lost some health. Putting up some lamps around the room it seemed empty, the room he was in wasn’t too big. Steve made some steps out of Oak planks so that he could get out again, he didn’t have quite enough and would have to jump to get out. But at least he could get out. Drawing his sword Steve walked toward the corridor out of the entrace chamber. the corridor was made from bare stone and had strange markings and painting he had never seen before. Placing torches as he went Steve suddenly froze.

He recognised the sounds coming from ahead, zombies and skeletons we up ahead, but he couldn’t see anything yet. Creeping forward slowly he tried to see what was ahead. Placing a torch in front of him Steve could see a crowd of Zombies and Skeltons in a pit, running around in a random way, all of them making a noise that would strike fear into any crafter. He turned to leave, then noticed on his right a lever.

“What does this do?” Steve thought to himself, half afraid to flick it down, half daring himself. After a few moment he flicked the switch down a walkway streched out across the pit with the monsters in. It was narrow but passable, stepping out the door behind him closed shut as was trapped.

“Great!” He thought to himself “Now I have to go across!” Carefully Steve walked across the walkway, a few of the skeletons shot arrows at him, he managed to stay on and survived by eating golden apples. After what seemed like an hour he was across. Ahead was a new doorway, it was arched out of marble and gold and was obviously very special. He resisted the urge to mine the fine materials as now his main concern was getting home.

He walked though and ahead of him was a lever with a sign next to it. The sign read: To get home, flick this lever.

“In for a diamond…” Steve though as he flicked it. Out of the floor as if from no-where a villager in white robes appeared from on the diamond platform in front of him. The villager squeaked and moaned to him in a strange language that Steve could just understand.

“Hello” he said “I am Preeta, the high prient of the temple of the lost city of Minos. Thank you for releasing me.”

Steve smiled at him, not sure what to say.

“I need you help, the people of Minos are trapped and need help to be released. An evil crafter trapped them and myself long ago. To release my people is the only way you can get home now – will you help?”

“I will do what I can to help you Preeta.” Steve agreed, feeling like he had no choice. Preeta walked towards the large wall opposite the archway entrance. As he stepped onto a specially engraved stone, the wall opened up in front of them both. Sliding down the wall opened out onto the side of a huge hill and there in front of him was a huge city made from marble with gold and diamond lining the roads.

“The must be the lost city of Minos!” Steve thought to himself.

©Simon Farnell 2016

No ownership claimed on images




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