Minecraft Steve and the Temple of Darkness

A new Minecraft Steve Story for you all. Have a lok on my writers blog:

Simon 🙂


It had been some time since Steve had been exploring on his own since Mike had turned up, but Steve had the opportunity since Mike had accidentally taken some poisionus potion, he thought he had made an invincibilty potion. Steve thought he shouldn’t have swapped the Golden apple for the spider eyeball.Mike was going to to be ill for a little while, so he left him in peace, took his diamond sword and other diamond tools and went out into the unkown.

Steve went exploring near the sea, looking for caves or anything else different or unusual. The normal holes in the ground that often appear were there, but Steve had spent a lot of time underground as wanted to explore something different. As he rounded a corner he spied an island he hadn’t seen before. He wasn’t sure, but even from where he was there was something he thought…

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