The Cabin

NEW PORTION IN BOLD Join us for a progressive writing experiment! Laura from  and Simon from Planet Simon came up with the idea that we work together on a story 'seed' and let it out into the blogoshpere she has begun the story with only a few paragraphs and a title, I've added a little … Continue reading The Cabin


Awesome Fantasy Maps from Soraya Corcoran

I saw this post on Saraya's blog and I had to share it with you becasue she's done such an amazing job on her art work: Fantasy Maps No fantasy book is complete without a map. These are both maps for my own projects: Captain of Fortune and The Cursed Ashtian. Lantha is a simple … Continue reading Awesome Fantasy Maps from Soraya Corcoran

Introducing Parallel Magic: The Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Show

Kate M Colby has created the Parallel Magic podcast, so for all of those into Scifi and dark fantasy reading this is something you should look into!


Kate M. Colby

If you read my January update or follow me on social media, you’ve probably caught the unofficial announcements… but now, I’m pleased to officially introduce Parallel Magic: The Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Show.

Parallel Magic PodcastIn this podcast, Jonas Lee (my friend and fellow author) and I discuss science fiction and fantasy novels over a drink. We started the show to create a virtual book club, where sci-fi/fantasy readers from around the world could chat about the books we love while enjoying the simple camaraderie of a drink (alcohol optional, of course!).

Thus far, we’ve aired two episodes. The first dives into Scythe by Neal Shusterman, along with all the existential crises a book about (im)mortality can bring. The second episode, which aired today, covers Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, as well as my first embarrassing Champagne pop, epic space battles, and the book’s brain-blowing (and not-so-brain-blowing twists).


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Sci-Fi and Fantasy Short Stories

Over the last couple of years I've written a number of short and not so short stories and trying to give them the visibility they deserve is a bit hard when they're hidden behind a menu system on my blog page. So I've put as many of them as I can find on this post and I'm going to pin it on my page. Many of them aren't finished, but you know - Rome wasn't built in a day and all that.

Minecraft Steve and the Lost City – Part 4

Steve was lost for words as he watched Mike walking towards him, Sword drawn. "Steve, it would be best for us all if you just throw the key over!" Mike told him, in a threatening tone. "No - put the sword down!" She told him. Mike lifted the sword and at that point there was … Continue reading Minecraft Steve and the Lost City – Part 4

Minecraft Steve and the Lost City – Part 2

Following on from his last adventure, Steve has stumbled across the lost city of Minos and he needs to help free it's people to get back home:   Steve was standing there, the city was so magnificent, he couldn't help but stare at it's beauty - he was was in awe! The buildings were made … Continue reading Minecraft Steve and the Lost City – Part 2

Minecraft Steve and the Lost City – Part 1

It had been some time since Steve had been exploring on his own since Mike had turned up, but Steve had the opportunity since Mike had accidentally taken some poisionus potion, he thought he had made an invincibilty potion. Steve thought he shouldn't have swapped the Golden apple for the spider eyeball.Mike was going to … Continue reading Minecraft Steve and the Lost City – Part 1

Mum, can I have some more?

It was half term and Will was bored. He was once again playing on Minecraft and had been helping to build a huge house with waterfall around it to protect it. "Mum! Can I have some chocolate?" "No you can't!" Will's mum said. "You need to have some breakfast first!" "Ok" Will said, returning to … Continue reading Mum, can I have some more?

Minecraft Steve and the Island of Pumpkins #Blogbattle #fantasy

Once again I delve into battle for Rachael Ritchey's blog battle. This week the word is shenanigans which was a bit hard for me, but here goes. Rules: 1000 words max fictional tale (or true if you really want) PG (no more than PG-13) Content – let’s keep this family friendly! Your story must contain the … Continue reading Minecraft Steve and the Island of Pumpkins #Blogbattle #fantasy

The Monster in the Mountain #Blogbattle #Fantasy

This is my entry for this weeks blogbattle run every week by my good friend Rachael Ritchey. This week's word is Cave. Go and look up the blog battle section in Rachaels blog for rules and how to join in. If you are thinking about joining in, you should, there's no pressure and it's great fun! … Continue reading The Monster in the Mountain #Blogbattle #Fantasy

Toothpaste and Tissue Paper #Blogbattle

I read a tweet last week that a good writer could make cleaning your teeth sound great. So in a hopefully surprise twist I'm going to write a story about cleaning your teeth. Whether it's good or not is up to you guys. This is of course for Rachel Ritchey's Blog Battle, huge thanks to … Continue reading Toothpaste and Tissue Paper #Blogbattle