Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup

It’s been a hard week this week, but we got there in the end, it’s a long weekend with Monday off so things must be good!


My minion friends have been entertaining you all as usual with the unique wit and their thoughts on shoes sizes as one gets bigger and whatever you do – Don’t worry!

Minion Thoughts – At least my shoes still fit

Minion Thoughts – Don’t worry…


Fantasy writing

I’ve been meaning to pick up on the adventures of Minecraft Steve for some time so this week I got around to it – have no fear fellow Sci Fi readers and fand of the Totan Mystery – I’m in progress with the next part and it won’t disappoint – but you will all be seeing more of Minecraft Steve too!


Featured Image -- 6509

Minecraft Steve and the Temple of Darkness



Posts what I have wrote (haha..)

This week, my feet have been on a tree stump, a sunken DC from WWII (which i later found out is in Turkey) and a review of the Beauty Thief made for the extra mix of this weeks posts. I love the variety I can bring to you as bloggies and I hope you like reading them as much as I like writing them.



Where my feet have been – The Tree Stump

Old and Abandoned -Sunken DC3

Book Review – The Beauty Thief




With Hubble taking adavantage of Mars’s oppositio the continuation of my series on the Solar System and pictures from ESA made for a busy week with space news.

Solar System Exploration – Venus

ESA – A Week in Pictures

Hubble taking advantage of Mars opposition

Mars Ancient Mega Tsunami’s

Pluto’s Fretted Terrain


Other bloggies / Posts

Sacha alswys creat such amazing posts, Lucy has mentioned blog envy and I thought I owuld never feel it – but Sacha’s posts are a-mazing! This one the the mystery of our origin is brilliant and I’ve go to lean more about it as much of this I’ve encountered before.

The Zen of Earth – The Mystery of our Origin


Kisten Lamb’s posts are always great greading for any writer, focussing on writing twists this wek makes for a very useful read.

How to Write mind blowing twists – Kristen Lamb


I’ve also found another follow Sci Fi geek with theanalyzedlife welcome to the fun! Lastly happy blog birthday to Charlie Blog Birthday 500 Followers.

Have a great weekend all, enjoy the long weekend and have fun!

Simon 🙂


10 Replies to “Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup”

      1. Well I have series of posts I’m preparing like the x files, looking into mysterious things, I’ll be doing on in this now. So we will be able to compare! 😃

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      2. I’ve got a number of them lined up, I’m just trying to make the finishing touches, I will slip this one in too to post in a fee weeks. I’ll be putting them out on my writing blog.

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