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Cut Away of The Millennium Falcon – It’s Secrets Exposed

I love these drawings that are starting to appear all over the internet, I found this on on Pinterest and having grown up with the films and I always loved the Millenium Falcon I had to share this:

Credit link: https://pin.it/d2t5vgogwl2n7u

Simon 🙂


Star Wars – The start of the future (no spoilers)

Everone else who has been to see the film is doing this, so I thought I would too:

What a film it was. I don’t know what others have been saying but I’ve heard that some have slated the new Star Wars saying it’s worse than the prequeals. All I will say to this is we were watching different films. It was truly, truly brilliant.

Around every corner was a little piece of nostalgia, something that brought you back to the original films. It was just the cast, or the plot there were lines, objects a plenty that took you back and made you smile. There was something in it for everyone – the old seasoned fan like myself and the new fans like my son who came with me. This to me is what the clever part of the film was – it wasn’t just making the peacemeal tip of the hat to the old films, this was the start of the future.

The new characters have already found a way in my heart just like the originals did, there are heroes from different and surprising backgrounds and this is how life throws many people together. This is the beauty of how this has been put together gives it the magic that I think it needed to pull the old and new together, ready to go forward again. This along with the brilliant special effects makes this something special and I  already want to see it again.

star wars - millenium falcon

This film had welded the old to the new and there’s no going back now and I’m excited for what the future of the StarWars franchise holds.The other thing to add is that when I saw it there was a bit at the start where the director and many of the actors were pleased that the film were made in England like the originals. This was touching for me, we’re very good at putting ourselves down and the fact that these masterpieces have all been made in England, is somehting to be proud of.

Simon 🙂