The Beginning of Infinite

Hi there bloggies! I’m back!

For those of you that weren’t about last week I’ll just update you with a few things. Firstly this is not Planet Simon anymore – the name of the blog has changed to Beyond the Infinite and as I explained it’s been a long time coming.

My journal / random blog has changed a little too – you can now find it at:

For some reason much social media has a problem with the name beyond the infinite so much of it has changed to Syborg1974… bit of a pain but there you go.

With all of this going on I thought I would give you all my reasoning behind the strategy of the rebrand and the mad thinking behind it. A fair bit of thinking went into it and I thought the process might be useful for a few other bloggers out there:
Creating a Blog Strategy that Engages with your Audience

In among all this chaos it was time to crank out the blog story for June before June ended and I managed it… just. The Prompt was Corona and I plucked out this little story:

Invader – A Blog Battle Story

So I’m hoping to be about a bit more and have some fun, interesting and mind boggling stuff for you… Make sure you have a look at the face lifted homepage, I’ve given it a more unique feel I think. But it’s the old stuff with new to come so keep watching!

Keep smiling and writing.

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Orbit – Blog Date 26-2019

  1. I like your theme/ layout. (I think it’s the same as mine.)
    It seems like your blog is evolving and that’s good.
    All the best with this new chapter of yours.


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