In 2001 a Space Odyssey Dave Bowman leaves the spaceship Discovery and enters the Monolith star gate. This chapter of the book is called Beyond the Infinite.

That’s the name that I chose to re-name this blog to – ditching the old name of Planet Simon and creating a whole new identity for this blog. I hadn’t realised the connection until after I had thought of it – really, honest. But when I saw the connection it was like a eureka moment.

This was it!

So welcome to Beyond the Infinite, much of what I’ve blogged about before will be blogged about here. World building, creativity, knowledge, exploration with my own thoughts on the universe.

I really want to take this into another dimension another level and see what happens see where this take me the writer and you the reader. This will be where science, creativity, imagination and a bit of philosophy meet.

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I will as I hope to take us to the second star on the right – and straight on till morning!

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